zaterdag 7 september 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "Léon"

"Léon" is one of the coolest movies of the 90's and it brought us three very memorable characters as well. Here are the characters from "Léon".

Played by: Jean Reno
Léon is a hitman, or a cleaner is how he calls it. He lives a solitary life in New York. The only living thing in his life is his plant, who he calls his best friend. When Matilda enters his life, he feels things he never felt before.

Matilda Lando
Played by: Natalie Portman
Matilda lives with her dysfunctional family. She has an abusive father, self-absorbed stepmother and a shallow half sister. The only one she cares about is her four year old brother. When her family is killed, she goes to Léon for help and an unlikely friendship develops.

Norman Stansfield
Played by: Gary Oldman
Stansfield leads a group of corrupt DEA agents and is responsible for the death of Matilda’s family. He’s trying to find her now. He has a great passion for classical music, preferably Beethoven and has a unhinged and unpredictable personality.

Played by: Danny Aiello
Tony is a so-called mobster in Little Italy and he helps out Léon. He keeps his money safe and is responsible for giving everything to Matilda when Léon dies.

Favorite Character: Léon

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