donderdag 19 september 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Sexiest Men on TV of the Moment

If I had to do a list of TV actors of all-time it probably has to be a top 100, because a top 5 of 2013 was already hard enough. Here is my choice of sexiest men on TV 2013.

5. Andrew Lincoln (“The Walking Dead”)
He’s not my favourite character, but I think he’s slightly more attractive then Norman Reedus. I already loved this guy in “Love Actually”, where he melted my heart…

4. Ian Somerhalder (“The Vampire Diaries”)
Although I stopped watching this show, I remember why I started to watch it in the first place. Ian Somerhalder hypnotizes you with his handsomeness.

3. Theo Rossi (“Sons of Anarchy”)
What can I say, his character Juice isn’t the brightest star but he’s definitely great for the female eye. I can understand why his nickname on the show is Juice. I started to like him as a character as well, he’s my second favorite.

2. George Eads (“CSI")
Still staying strong after thirteen seasons of my favourite show “CSI” and about to kick of the 14th season! I love his Texas charm.

1. Jensen Ackles (“Supernatural")
Frequent readers of my blog probably predicted this. Jensen Ackles is still on TV and he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He’s perfect in every way.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Alex O’Loughlin in “Hawaii Five-O”, Norman Reedus in “The Walking Dead”, Charlie Hunnam in “Sons of Anarchy”, Jesse Williams in “Grey’s Anatomy”

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