donderdag 5 september 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Amazing Kids in Adult Movies

I work with kids and I know how awesome they can be sometimes. They are always very honest. I came up with this list and here are some great kids in adult movies.

5. Chloë Grace Moretz in “Kick-Ass”
Lets face it, she is the star of the film. I know it’s supposed to be about the wannabe hero Kick-Ass, but Moretz steals the show as Hit Girl.

4. Natalie Portman in “Léon”
Although she was only 12 or 13 years old while shooting “Léon”, she acted very mature. Normally it sounds funny when a kid uses the f-word, but she’s serious!

3. Haley Joel Osment in “The Sixth Sense”
Unfortunately Osment never really did anything memorable after this movie, everyone was mesmerized by his performance. He even got an Academy Award nomination.

2. Christian Bale in “Empire of the Sun”
I’m so glad Bale wasn’t just another child star. He is the leading actor and he carries this movie, just like he does now as an adult. Fantastic performance.

1. Abigail Breslin in “Little Miss Sunhsine”
Don’t you just love Olive? Well, I do and no one other than Abigail Breslin could have done it. She is adorable and loveable.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Elliot in “E.T.”

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