zaterdag 28 september 2013

Movie Moments: "Happy-Go-Lucky"

This is such a feel-good movie, the Brittisch sister of “Amélie”. Today I just felt like rewatching it and sharing my favorite moments with you.

Moment # 1: Bookstore
Poppy visits a bookstore she’s never been to before. She is trying to make conversation with the salesman, but he’s not very talkative.

Moment # 2: Making birds
Poppy and her friend and colleague Zoë are making birds out of paper bags, with their classes.

Moment # 3: Poppy’s first lesson
After Poppy’s bike was stolen she decides to take driving lessons. Her instructor, Scott, is not as jolly as her and Poppy doesn’t really take him seriously.

Moment # 4: Flamenco
Poppy joins a colleague who is taking a flamenco class. It doesn’t really go smoothly.

Moment # 5: Tim the social worker
Poppy asks a social worker, Tim, for help with one of her students who’s been very violent lately. Together they are trying to find out why. Tim is very interested in Poppy as well.

Moment # 6: Date
Poppy goes on her first date with Tim. They really get along and they end up at Tim’s house.

Moment # 7: Scott’s rage
Another driving lesson for Poppy, but this time Scott isn’t in for her jokes anymore. He’s mad and he tells her exactly why.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 2 : Making birds

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