zaterdag 24 mei 2014

DVD Collection Update (15)

I got some classics, a personal favorite and some TV shows. I'm proud of all of them. And this was also an oppurtunity to show off my cute owl statue!

First I got "Spirited Away". I don't know why, but suddenly I wanted to see some Anime. I had heard so many things about this director and I decided to just pick this up. I was amazed when I watched it and also a bit ashamed that I hadn't before.

"Gran Torino" is my favorite Clint Eastwood directed film. It's not a spectacular movie in happening, but it left an impact on me. It's a fantastic film!

I haven't seen it yet, but as a movie fan you just need to see "The Great Excape". I know some of the classic scenes from the movie, but I never saw it. Looking forward to it, but I'm waiting for the perfect moment. It's a very long movie you know.

I finally got season 13, part 1 of "CSI". Here you can't buy a complete "CSI" season, it's sold in two parts. Annoying, but it does look great on my shelve.

I'm loving this show, ever since my mom accidentaly bought me a season of "Waking the Dead". I'm hoping to eventually get the entire collection. The Dvd's aren't very expensive, so I probably manage that goal.

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