zondag 18 mei 2014

In the Picture: The Characters from "Neighbors"

I saw it on the first night in theatres, that doesn’t happen to me very often. It was a really funny film and the characters made that happen. Here are the characters from “Neighbors”. 
Mac Radner
Played by: Seth Rogen
Mac is happy that he’s a new dad and the fact that they bought their first house. He is still trying to adjust and to open that door to the next chapter of his life. Mac wants to party with the younger guys, but he also tries to be a more responsible man as well. Deep in his heart he is accepting the fact that he’s getting older and that his home life is very fulfilling. 
Kelly Radner
Played by: Rose Byrne
Kelly is from Australia and met Mac in high school. She is trying to adapt to her newest role as a mother. Although she feels like partying with her friends, Kelly also realizes that this part of her life is about taking care of her family. She is willing to accept that, as long as her husband Mac joins her.
Teddy Sanders
Played by: Zac Efron
Teddy moves in next door to the Radners as the president of a fraternity. He is very popular, has the looks and is liked by everyone. When he meets Mac and Kelly, they get along. Teddy even invites them over to a party. But as the couple starts complaining about the noise, Teddy goes to battle with them. Teddy is also on a point in his life where he has to realize he is growing up. Soon a life of partying, drinking and fun is over.
Pete Regazolli
Played by: Dave Franco
Pete is Teddy’s best friend and the vice president of the fraternity. He tags along with Teddy as they go head to head with the Radners. When he bangs Teddy’s girl, their friendship is out the door. Pete also sees that rebelling against their neighbors isn’t the right thing to do.
Favorite Character: Mac Radner


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