donderdag 15 mei 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Cameron Diaz Movies

I’ve always liked Cameron Diaz, she is such a beautiful actress and she can act! Both serious as comedic. She has made some great films and here are my favorites.
5. Shrek
I have to admit that I didn’t like “Shrek” from the beginning. After watching it another time I came to appreciate it more. 
4. The Mask
Cameron’s first movie. “The Mask” is so silly, but so much fun. Jim Carrey is just awesome! By the way, Cameron Diaz has a thing from green guys, are you seeing the pattern?
3. Gangs of New York
A fantastic film by Martin Scorsese. Brilliant performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.
2. Being John Malkovich
Such an original movie, because it’s so weird. Cameron Diaz looks crazy, Catherine Keener is great and you know how much I love John Cusack.

1. There is Something About Mary
Definitely one of the best comedies ever made and Cameron Diaz is one we can thank for that. She is so charming and subtle with her humour. The Farrely brothers really did their best work here. 
They Almost Made the Top 5: Very Bad Things, My Best Friend’s Wedding

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