donderdag 1 mei 2014

Movies I Watched for My Challenge (April 2014)

This month had one movie that really stood out, one surprisingly good film and the others where average or above average. But I had to make a top 5 and I managed. Here are my favorites for this month.

5. Dolphin Tale
Okay, it's not a good movie, but I liked that this movie has heart. It targets a certain audience and it manages to do that well. I highly enojyed it and I can't wait to see its sequel.

4. Thor: The Dark World
Not as good as the first, but still a joy to watch. It was very well done, I especially liked the connection between Thor and his brother Loki.

3. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
This movie was made with a lot of love and showed us the very interesting story of the life of Nelson Mandela, one of my personal heroes.

2. Warm Bodies
As Graham Norton once said on his show, this is a zomromcom. Translation: it's a zombie romantic comedy! This was a very entertaining movie, I didn't expect that at all. It was really funny and it's hard to find a movie to compare this too.

1. About Time
I loved every minute of this film. It's not another time travel movie, it's so much more then that. This movie is very Original, fresh and filled with actors who make their characters super likeable.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Springbreakers

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