zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Marry, Kiss, Cliff - Round 1

I saw various people do this item on youtube. You pick three book characters and then you have to decide which of them you marry, kiss or push and a cliff. I want to do this item as well, but I’m going to do this with movie characters. All male off course. I already made a shit load of notes with various characters on it, but I’m excited about the three going head to head with each other every time. You can also suggest characters to me, maybe I can add them to my ‘bucket’ of notes.

Round 1: Frank Abagnale Jr. (“Catch Me If You Can”), Alex (“Good Bye Lenin”) and Hesher (“Hesher”)

Marry: I would most definitely marry Alex. He’s such a sweet guy, he takes good care of his mother. Alex does everything to make sure his mom stays healthy.

Kiss: Altough Frank Abagnale Jr. is a con artist, I would probably kiss him. I would never start a relationship with him, he would leave you anyway because he’s always on the run.

Cliff: Hesher is a weird guy. Good taste in music though, but he’s strange. I don’t think he is boyfriend or husband material.

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