zondag 20 juli 2014

100 Movie Challenge 2014 - # 85: Dark Tide

Director: John Stockwell
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 114 minutes
Year: 2012
Starring: Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, Ralph Brown, Luke Tyler, Mark Elderkin, Yhoko Ntshinga, Sizwe Msutu

Description: Professional diver tutor Kate (Halle Berry) returns to deep waters after 1 year, following an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark. The nightmare from the deep is still lurking - more carnivorous and hungry than ever.

Review: Director John Stockwell seems to have specialized in movies about water. “Blue Crush” and “Into the Blue” where both movies set in and around the ocean. “Dark Tide” is next, a thriller and drama. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be. But it doesn’t reach a very high level.
What I loved about the movie is how they pictured South Africa and the great whites. It reminded me of the films and photos my brother showed me when he visited it. He actually saw the film crew while he was there. But although “Dark Tide” is about sharks, they don’t get the attention they deserve here. There is too much talking and sharing feelings, between characters you really don’t care about.
There is nothing wrong with trying to cope with a trauma, but Halle Berry doesn’t give it enough depth to make it interesting. And all of the other characters are pretty forgettable as well. When it comes to a grabbing plot of interesting characters, “Dark Tide” is a movie to skip. It would have been nice if the sharks got a little action. The scene in ‘Shark Alley’ gets a little tension and some shocking attacks, but not enough to save the rest of the film.
Great realistic shots of sharks, seals, the South African landscape and Halle Berry in bikini, but the rest is pretty bad. Not worth your time.

Rating: 1,5/ 5

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