vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Movie Moments: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

I’ve seen this movie so many times when I was a kid. I loved it then and I still love it now. It’s so sad that Bob Hoskins passed, but whenever I think of him, I think of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and the great times I had watching it.

Moment # 1: Meet Roger
We meet cartoon hero Roger Rabbit, who’s in the middle of shooting a cartoon with Baby Herman. As always Roger has to deal with a lot of crap.

Moment # 2: Jessica Rabbit
Eddie Valiant is a cartoon hater and that’s exactly what he has to deal with for his new case. But meeting Jessica Rabbit might change everything.

Moment # 3: Affair?
Eddie show Roger some pictures of wife Jessica, which assumes that she’s having an affair. Roger goes nuts.

Moment # 4: The dip
Eddie meets Judge Doom. Doom shows him ‘the dip’ which is feared by all toons. We soon find out why. Doom picks up an innocent cartoon shoe and puts it in the dip. It melts…

Moment # 5: Hiding Roger
Eddie decides to cuff Roger, so he doesn’t go anywhere. Instead the two are cuffed together. When Judge Dooms weasels arrive, looking for Roger, Eddie needs to find a way to hide him. It isn’t that easy, because they are chained together. So Eddie pretends to do the dishes, while Roger is under water.

Moment # 6: Hiding for Judge Doom
While Judge Doom visits Dolores’ bar, Roger hides in the back. When he looks though the little peepholes, he knocks over a bottle with his eyes. Doom knows Roger is in the building and he knows exactly how to find him.

Moment # 7: Benny the Cab
When Eddie and Roger are on the run, they try to drive off. When Eddie’s car doesn’t work they decide to take Benny the Cab. He’s a very talkative cab, who says what he thinks.

Moment # 8: Yosemite’s gun
Eddie tries to use the gun he got from Yosemite Sam. It’s a toon gun, so it’s not your normal handgun. The bullits all have their own personality and qualities.

Moment # 9: Toontown
Eddie is about to enter his biggest nightmare: Toontown. He needs to go there to find Jessica Rabbit. When he thinks he has found her, it’s not quite Jessica. But the girl really likes Eddie. How to get rid of her? Just listen to laws of toon physics.

Moment # 10: Singing sword
While fighting Judge Doom in the Acme factory, Eddie tries to do everything to beat him. Acme holes, giant magnets, you name it. The most useless is the sword, that sings. It’s not dangerous at all.

Moment # 11: The end of Judge Doom
He showed Eddie himself, the easiest way to get rid of a toon is to use ‘the dip’. That’s exactly what happens to Judge Doom. And all the toons are happy!
 Favorite Moment: Moment # 10: Singing Sword

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