vrijdag 25 juli 2014

In the Picture: The Characters from "Th Way Way Back"

“The Way Way Back” is a movie I only saw recently, but fell in love with immediately. And it has some great characters, interesting ones with actual depth and emotions. One of them actually made it to my list of favourite movie characters.

Played by: Liam James
Duncan is a very quiet 14-year old, who goes on a vacation with his mom and her new boyfriend. He doesn’t really want to go, but has no other options. To try to make the best of it, Duncan decides to check out the town and he discovers a water park. This changes his vacation.

Played by: Sam Rockwell
Owen is the manager of ‘Water Wiz’, a local water park. He takes Duncan under his wing. Although Owen might look like a tough guy, he has a heart of gold and he is the only one that sees the true Duncan.

Played by: Toni Collette
Pam is Duncan’s mother. Duncan feels abandoned by her, and Pam doesn’t get him. She is constantly trying to reach out to him, but then falls back in the arms of boyfriend Trent. Drinking, late night partying and smoking marijuana.

Played by: Steve Carell
Trent is Pam’s new boyfriend. To her, he is a perfect guy. Trent is constantly verbally and emotionally abusing Duncan, often making comments and gestures that are belittling and rude at him. And he’s also not very faithful to Pam. Trent is simply a big ass douche.

Betty Thompson
Played by: Allison Janney
Betty is the cocktail loving vacationing neighbor of Trent and Pam. She likes her parties, drinks and guys and lives her life like she is catching up on her own teen years. Betty isn’t always very subtle and she seems nosy, but she only means well.

Susanna Thompson
Played by: AnnaSophia Robb
Susanna belongs to a popular groups of girls, but she actually doesn’t want to. She is intrigued by Duncan, because he’s an outcast, much to the liking of her friends. Susanna also takes part in Duncan’s growing happiness.

Played by: Maya Rudolph
Caitlyn works at ‘Water Wiz’. She is a kind woman, loved by Owen, although she doesn’t want to give in to those feelings herself. She also appreciates Duncan’s help and presence at the water park.
Favorite Character: Owen

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