maandag 28 juli 2014

Movie Battle: V for Vendetta Vs. Children of Men

The Movies I choose this time are both sci-fi films set in the future, where most countries in the world are near destroyed by natural disasters, riots and war. England has established a totalitarian regime that shields the country from outsiders. In both movies the society is portrayed as extremely racist and xenophobic and the main characters are part of an underground movement. To battle it out, here is “V for Vendetta” Vs. “Children of Men”.


V for Vendetta: Hugo Weaving plays lead character V, a freedom fighter wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. His performance, even without ever seeing his real face, is breath-taking and phenomenal. Natalie Portman also does a great job, especially the rooftop scene.

Children of Men: Clive Owen, who a lot of people say can’t act, does a fantastic job. He plays main character Theo Faron. Julianne Moore and Michael Caine also have solid roles, but they don’t have very big roles.


V for Vendetta: Great Britain is now a fascist state. A man named V uses terrorist tactics to oppress society. He rescues the young Eve from the secret police, and she becomes his ally. It’s based on a graphic novel, that I have read. It’s very close to its source. The story is great, the character of V even more.

Children of Men: Dystopian London, surrounded by violence and warring nationalistic sects. People are no longer aloud to have children. The youngest citizen, just 18 years of age, has just died. Then a young pregnant woman is discovered and the desperate journey to deliver her to safety starts. Great idea for a story.


V for Vendetta: There are some amazing fight scenes in it. Especially the one in the dark tunnel (I believe it’s a tunnel). The while movie has a dark, greyish tone.

Children of Men: This also has a certain tone, more the grey, bluish tones. They makers made London look like a worn down plays, filled with violence and war.


Although both movies are amazing, with great acting and fantastic stories, I will have to go with “V for Vendetta”. That’s a movie I’m more willingly to re-watch.

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