donderdag 17 juli 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Movie Voice-Overs/ Narrations

Nothing tells the story of a movie like a good voice-over. Some of the best movies made use a voice-over, and I decided to pick my favourites. Here they are.

5. Richard Dreyfuss in “Stand By Me”
It’s like reading a book. You see the story of a young Gordie and the adult Gordie tells you the story.

4. Edward Norton in “Fight Club”
If there wasn’t any voice-over, the majority of the first act would be in complete silence. His sarcastic, droning voice has different functions. It fills in gaps, it lets us get to know him, is adds a lot of humour.

3. Ray Liotta in “Goodfellas”
Henry Hill is the main character and we follow his life as a gangster. His voice-over is very powerful.

2. John Cusack in “High Fidelity”
Like me, he loves making lists. That’s what I love the most about his narration. Rob Gordon actually break the fourth wall a couple of times, when speaking directly to us, knowing there’s an audience watching him.

1. Morgan Freeman in “The Shawshank Redemption”
How can I not go with this? Morgan Freeman’s voice always suits me, it sounds so calm. It’s a great way to tell a story, true the eyes of the best friend.

They Almost Made the Top 5: Matthew Broderick in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver”, Malcolm McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange”

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