dinsdag 13 november 2012

Movie Moments: "Midnight in Paris"

I love the city of Paris and I'm madly in love with this Woody Allen movie. Love everything about it. Here are my favorite moments from "Midnight in Paris".

Moment # 1: Opening
We see all the beautiful places in Paris, by day and by night, with sunshine and rain.

Moment # 2: In love with a fantasy
Gil tells Inez how much he loves Paris, how he would want to live here someday. He loves Paris especially in the twenties and when it’s raining. Inez doesn’t understand why Gil loves Paris so much and tells him he’s in love with a fantasy. Gil tells Inez he’s in love with her.

Moment # 3: Arguing with the guide
Gil, Inez, Paul and Carol are listening to a guide who’s telling a story about Rodin.’Inez is fascinated about how much Paul knows. Paul thinks he knows more about Rodin, but the guide correct him. Paul doesn’t agree with the guide and starts arguing with her. Gil backs the guide up and tells Paul she’s right. When he does, Inez isn’t paying attention anymore.

Moment # 4: Gill gets lost
Gil decides to stroll Paris by night, all by himself, but gets lost. All of a sudden a car passes by and the passengers want him to come with them.

Moment # 5: The Fitzgeralds
Gil meets Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. The actual Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Gil realizes that he's now in 1920’s Paris.

Momemt # 6: Ernest Hemmingway
Gil meets writer Ernest Hemmingway, one of his idols. He asks Hemmingway if he wants to read his novel, but he won’t. He does want Gil to meet Gertrude Stein.

Moment # 7: Adriana
Gil meets Adriana, Picasso’s mistress. He’s speechless when he first sees her and Adriana loves Gil’s writing. They immediately hit it of and start a conversation.

Moment # 8: Gil’s view on Picasso
Inez and Gil are attending an art exhibit with Paul and Carol. Again Paul is showing of his knowledge and starts talking about a Picasso painting. Gil saw that exact painting the night before, when he met Picasso and tells them the real story behind it. It shuts them all up.

Moment # 9: Salvador Dali
Gil meets painter Salvador Dali. He starts talking about a rhinoceros and how he could paint Gil with a melting lip. Gil starts telling him about Inez, that he’s not sure if he loves her or not. And about Adriana, how fantastic she is.

Moment # 10: Gil kisses Adriana
While taking a walk at night, Gil kisses Adriana. He gives her earrings, which she loves and then they take a carriage ride.

Moment # 11: Inez cheated on Gil
Hemmingway read Gil’s novel and he doesn’t understand why the leading character doesn’t see that his fiancĂ©es is cheating on him. This makes Gil think about Inez and Paul. He ask Inez and she denies it. Later she admits to have spend a couple of nights with Paul, but Gil just has to get over it. Gil doesn’t want to go back to America with her and decides to stay in Paris.

Moment # 12: Paris in the rain
Gil encounters the girl he met before, when he was listening to a Cole Porter record. He tells the girl, who is named Gabrielle, that he has decided to stay in Paris. When he wants to take her out for a cup of coffee, it starts raining. Gabrielle tells Gil she doesn’t mind getting wet and that Paris is at its best when it’s raining.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 12: Paris in the rain

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