donderdag 8 november 2012

Top 5 Thursday: "Seinfeld Characters"

Maybe this is the funniest sitcom ever. Maybe it’s because of it’s quirkiness. Maybe it’s because of the out of the ordinary characters. Yes, I think all of that is true and here are my five favorite characters from “Seinfeld”.

5. Newman
“Hello Newman”. A classic greeting from “Seinfeld” that Jerry always says when he sees Newman. Jerry’s mom also did it by the way. Newman is a funny character and I like how dramatic he can be.

4. Elaine Benes
Elaine is someone I could never be friends with, but it’s also hard to hate Elaine. Whenever one of her friends tell her something new, she pushes them away. And remember how Elaine dances? Exactly, she can’t!

3. Frank Costanza
Frank Costanza is one of the most memorable characters the show has created. He has his quirks and his principals. A man who made up his own holiday just deserves to be on the list. “Festivus for the rest of us!”

2. George Costanza
With a father like Frank, it’s not a surprise that son George isn’t perfect either. George is actually full of imperfections and flaws. He lies all the time and everybody always finds out. And he always tries to go one step further, but that always costs him.

1. Cosmo Kramer
Kramer is such a nice man, but he has a lot of weird habits. The way he enters a room, his strange ideas, his weird friends and how he always pretends like Jerry’s home is his home. You gotta love Kramer.

They almost made the top 5: Jerry Seinfeld

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