donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Best & Worst: Owen Wilson

I came up with a new item. I pick the best and the worst of someone/ something. It’ll be about movies and tv most of the time, but maybe I can come up with some other themes.

For me Owen Wilson always had this certain charm I couldn’t go around. I love this dude! I like the calmness in his voice, his subtle and smart humor and how he can win over the audience. Here is my choice for best & worst Owen Wilson movie.

I have stated my love for this movie many times already. Owen Wilson is capable of portraying the likeable and witty daydreamer Gil Pender. This is actually one of the nicest male movie characters. Not everybody likes Woody Allen’s work, but this is simply fantastic!
Honorable mentions: “Marley & Me”, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, “Shanghai Noon”

I really don’t like this one. I hated it the first time I saw it and swore to myself never to watch it again. I know it’s a movie not to be taken too seriously, but still. It’s awefull!
Dishonorable mentions: “Anaconda”

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