vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

DVD Collection Update (6)

There are six new additions to my DVD collection.

The first is "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". I'm so in love with this story and the movie. You can totally see the love and energy that was put in to this project. And the color scheme is just beautiful. Love stop-motion.

The newest movie I bought. I wanted to see this in the theater, but as usual nobody wanted to go with me. But that makes it always extra excited to finally get it on DVD, because you have an complete new movie experience. I know that "Oz the Great and Powerful" was criticized, but I liked it a lot. It was very entertaining and I liked the witches and the flying monkey.

What a beautiful movie "Blue Valentine" is. For some reason people think it's a romantic film to watch with your partner. Well, the title suggests it, but it's not a love story. Far from that. What great performances by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

A lot of people compare it to "Hotel Rwanda". I can see why, it's about he genocide in Rwanda. Both "Hotel Rwanda" and this one are fantastic films. I slightly prefer "Shooting Dogs", it's even more confronting an rally opens your eyes. I can't believe the UN just left them there. Loved John Hurt and Hugh Dancy.

One of my favorite Pixar film, can't believe I didn't own it yet. But aren't Disney movies expensive, always! They hardly ever go on sale. I love this, such a heartwarming movie and it's set in Paris!

I had no intention of buying it, but it was on sale, the only one on the shelve an it's a steelbook! It was screaming for my attention. "Léon" is brilliant, haven't seen it in a while so it's about time.

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