zondag 18 augustus 2013

In the Picture: The Characters from "Oz the Great and Powerful"

This movie was criticized, but I really enjoyed it a lot. I loved the world Sam Raimi created and the characters. Here are the leading characters from "Oz the Great and Powerful".

Oscar Diggs aka Oz
Played by: James Franco
Oscar is a selfish and greedy con artist at first. He aspires to not just be good, he wants to be great! Oscar is very charming and he uses it for his own advantage, to deceive others. Dispite of this all, he has empathy and a true good heart.

Played by: Mila Kunis
Theodora is a beautiful witch, but also a little bit naïve. She wants peace to come to her land and believes Oscar can give that. Theodora falls in love with him.

Played by: Michelle Williams
Glinda is a witch and she rules over a peaceful kingdom of simple and kind folk. She isn’t only compassionate, but she also protects her people no matter what. Glinda sees who Oscar really is, she knows that genuine goodness lies within him.

Played by: Rachel Weisz
Evanore is Theodora’s overprotective sister and a witch to be feared. She has positioned herself as the royal adviser and protector of Emerald City.

Voiced by: Zach Braff
Finley is a flying monkey and he befriends Oscar. He accompanies him on his journey. Finley is intelligent and has a sense of honor.

China Girl
Voiced by: Joey King
China girl is a doll from the village of China Town. Everything there is made of China. She is found by Oscar, who takes her along on his journey. She is very sweet and kind, despite being easily scared she has a feisty sight to her.

Favorite Character: Finley

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