vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Movie Battle: Shaun of the Dead Vs. Zombieland

Another new item. In Movie Battle I will compare two movies which have certain similarities, like a theme, director or actors. I will judge both movies on their cast, story and effects. Eventually I will announce one winner.

First it's zombies. My two favorite zombie movies go head to head, who will win this battle? Lets find out.


Shaun of the Dead: At the time this movie came out, the actors weren’t all that well known. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are now one of the funniest comedy duo on the planet, but the only person that we knew well in this film was Bill Nighy. This movie put Pegg and Frost on the map for me and would soon be unforgettable.

Zombieland: With this movie my light obsessions for Emma Stone. She is great. Jesse Eisenberg is a bit typecast as this nerdy, losery guy. He does that well. Abigail Breslin is no longer a kid and Woody Harrelson play my favourite part in “Zombieland”. He kicks some zombie ass! So all four actors in this movie did a good job.


Shaun of the Dead: England has already been taken over by zombies, but Shaun doesn’t realize it yet until there is a strange girl standing in his yard. When she is speared and still gets up, Shaun and Ed know something’s wrong. It’s hilarious how they try to fight them.

Zombieland: In this movie the world only has a few living people. Besides the four I mentioned earlier, Bill Murray is also one of them. Columbus has made a list of rules for survival, which he mentions throughout the movie.


Shaun of the Dead: Not a lot of effects needed, but the zombies look very real. And so does the blood (you got red on you).The movie is well filmed, with these earthy tones.

Zombieland: There were more effect needed here, as for the zombies are a bit faster in this movie. Especially the scene where we get to see the zombie kill of the week, needed some extra touches. Everything looks a bit more flashy.


I love both movies a lot. I always like zombie movies, funny or just scary (ok, I prefer funny). But I have to go with “Shaun of the Dead” because British humor is just a little bit better.

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