woensdag 2 november 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "The Full Monty"

"The Full Monty" is such a great movie, good Brittish humor and a lot of loveable characters.

Gary “Gaz” Schofield
Played by: Robert Carlyle
Gaz has a troubled relationship with his ex-wife because he’s failing child support payments. He lost his job as a steel worker and can’t keep the promises to his son Nathan. Gaz is the one who comes up with the idea of a male stripper act, because women go mad for them and pay a lot of money to see them. But Nathan isn’t happy about it, because he just wants to do ‘normal things’ with his dad.

Dave Horsefall
Played by: Mark Addy
Dave is Gaz’ best friend and also a former steel worker. He’s married, but very insecure about his appearance. Dave gained weight and now that Gaz is thinking of starting a male stripper act, his selfesteem is no longer. Even in his marriage things aren’t going well, because his wife thinks Dave’s cheating on her.

Played by: Steve Huison
Lomper also worked with Dave and Gaz, as a security guard. After losing his job, he doesn’t know what to do with his life so he decides to end it. Dave and Gaz stop him from committing suicide and Lomper joins them in their act. Lomper is a real quiet and shy man, who’s very attached to his sick mother.

Gerald Cooper
Played by: Tom Wilkinson
Gerald is a former manager who has been hiding from his wife the fact that he’s been laid off. He thinks his wife can’t live without the luxory and will leave him if she finds out about the job loss. Gaz and Dave always make fun of Gerald, but invite him to the group after seeing his dance moves. He could actually teach the guys some routines for their act.

Played by: Paul Barber
Horse is an older man who auditions for Dave and Gaz. He’s not a very good dancer but they let him in anyway.

Played by: Hugo Speer
Guy isn’t a very good dancer either, although he says he can walk up a wall. But it also turns out Guy is very well endowed. Later it appears he’s gay and he falls for the shy Lomper.

Favorite Character: Dave Horsefall

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