dinsdag 15 november 2011

Movie Moments: "Wimbledon"

I know a lot of people didn't really like this movie. Well, I'm not most people and I really love this film. "Wimbledon" is such a fun film, with an origianl theme because I don't know that many movies about tennis. Because I like this movie so much, I decided to share my favorite scenes from the movie.
Here they are.

Moment # 1: Room 1221
Peter gets his room key, but he thinks they gave him the wrong room. When he enters the room he sees a woman in the shower, which proves he actually is in the wrong room.

Moment # 2: Peter and Lizzie meet properly
While at practice Peter sees the woman he saw in the shower and she introduces herself as Lizzie. They start hitting targets with their serve and Peter bets she can’t do it again. She does and than it’s his turn. When he hits it, they will have fish and chips together. When Peter hits the target, he tries it again. While serving Lizzie tells him if he hits it again, she’ll sleep with him. Peter misses.

Moment # 3: Peter plays Dragomir
Peter is totally worn off during his match against Dragomir. In his mind he’d allready given up, untill he hears Lizzie cheering for him. From that moment on his game improves and he wins the second round.

Moment # 4: Sauna
Peter just defeated his best friend Dieter. They are relaxing in the sauna and Dieter asks him what happened to him. He thinks it has something to do with Lizzie. Peter tries to convince Dieter that getting involved with a woman while on a winning streak isn’t something he would do. Dieter tells him that’s exactly something he would do.

Moment # 5: Peter punches Jake Hammond
Hammond is coming on to Lizzie, when she clearly isn't interested in him. He starts insulting Peter, but when he tells Lizzie she’s cheap Peter really gets mad and punches Hammond. Lizzie and Peter flee together.

Moment # 6: Work out
After spending the night together, Peter and Lizzie are going for a run. They discover an abandoned tenniscourt, the place Peter learned how to play tennis. Peter tells Lizzie that this is going to be his last tournament. They start pretending to play a tennis match, when they see the comet again and kiss.

Moment # 7: Peter climbs through Lizzie’s window
Lizzie is staying somewhere else and Peter found out where. He wants to visit her so Peter climbs through the window. First he enters her dads room, but when he finally finds Lizzie’s room he tells her he can’t be away from her for 24 hours.

Moment # 8: Lizzie sees Peter on TV
Lizzie’s at the airport and she tries to avoid watching Peter on TV. When she can't anymore, Lizzie hears him talking about her and how she’s the reason he’s in the final.

Moment # 9: Lizzie shows up
Peter is in the final and he goes to his dressing room because of the rain. Lizzie is waiting for him there. She tells him she loves him and gives him a peptalk, because Jake Hammond is beating him. When they start playing again, Lizzie’s takes place in the audience.

Moment # 10: Peter wins Wimbledon
After a five set match, Peter beats Jake Hammond in the final and wins Wimbledon. He gives his tennis racket to the ball boy who supported him and goes to his family. Finally he starts looking for Lizzie, picks her up and kisses her. We later see that the two of them got married, had two kids, he teaches tennis to children and she won Wimbledon twice.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 10: Peter wins Wimbledon

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