donderdag 3 november 2011

Top 5 Thursday: "Supernatural" Season 1 Episodes

I love "Supernatural" but I still think the first two seasons were the best. That's why this weeks top 5 is about the first season of the great TV show. Here are my favorite episodes of that season.

5. Episode 18 – Something Wicked
Sam and Dean are investigating a small town in Wisconsin where children have been fallen into comas for now reason. They discover it’s a ‘stricha’ who crawls into the kids bedroom and steals their life force. In this episode we see Sam and Dean as kids as well and that one of the brothers was also almost attacked by this creature.

4. Episode 12 – Faith
Dean is electrocuted while fighting a monster and his heart is damaged. When the doctors tell him he only has one month to live, Sam brings him to a faith healer as being Dean's last resort. It actually cures Dean, but they find out that this healer steals people’s lives so he can save others.

3. Episode 17 – Hell House
Sam and Dean investiage a house with a maniacal ghost in it. Here we meet Harry and Ed, who we later know as “Ghostfacers”. Sam and Dean starting to prank them, I think it was really funny. Especially because Harry and Ed think they are the bomb when it comes to the supernatural, but they are actually very scared.

2. Episode 11 – Scarecrow
Couples are killed by a scarecrow that comes to life. Sam is on his way to meet his dad, so Dean has to deal with the case by himself. That’s what I liked the most about this episode. When Dean got into trouble, Sam was there for him. And Dean yelling: “I hope your apple pie is freakin’worthed.”

1. Episode 2 – Wendigo
Sam and Dean end up in Blackwater Ridge, where a group of campers are missing. They find out they’re dealing with a Wendigo. This episode was so exciting and maybe even one of favorites overall.

They almost made the top 5: Episode 3 - Death in the Water, Episode 5 – Bloody Mary, Episode 8 – Bugs and Episode 22 – Devil’s Trap

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