zaterdag 24 december 2011

50 Books Challenge 2011 - # 62: Starter for Ten by David Nicholls

Title: Starter for Ten
Author: David Nicholls
Story: The year is 1985. Brian Jackson, a working-class kid on full scholarship, has started his first term at university. He has a dark secret—a long-held, burning ambition to appear on the wildly popular British TV quiz show University Challenge—and now, finally, it seems the dream is about to become reality. He's made the school team, and they've completed the qualifying rounds and are limbering up for their first televised match. (And, what's more, he's fallen head over heels for one of his teammates, the beautiful, brainy, and intimidatingly posh Alice Harbinson.) Life seems perfect and triumph inevitable—but as his world opens up, Brian learns that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.(
Start: december 12th 2011
End: december 24th 2011
Comment: I fell in love with David Nicholls' writing after reading "One Day". When I saw this book, I just wanted to have it. It is different from "One Day" but it didn't disappoint me one bit. Nicholls has a rare talent for humorous, clever and witty writing and I seriously had some laugh-out-loud-moments. Especially the part where Brian bought himself weights. Although the humor is very clever, it's an easy read. Brian is a great character. I loved him right away and I totally got him. I think having a friend like Brian in your life isn't all that bad. I also liked how every chapter started with a trivia question. I still have to read "The Understudy", which is waiting on my shelve. I can honestly say that David Nicholls is one of my favorites and I love this book. Can't wait to read more of his work.
Rating: 5/ 5

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