maandag 26 december 2011

Emma, Rachel, Owen, James and George

I made five new wallpapers featuring some of my favorite people. I'm feeling super inspired lately so you can expect more wallpapers from me. The first two are of Emma Stone. I just love her, she is so talented and I'm going to see "The Help" soon. It opens in theaters this thursday here in The Netherlands.

Next is James Franco. This wallpaper is actually on my desktop right now. For the holidays. And by the way, I asked Santa to bring me James but it didn't happen.... Well I still got a lot of pictures and movies.

Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams where already a great couple in "Wedding Crashers" and I really want to see them in "Midnight in Paris". I haven't seen it yet, but I hope I will soon.

And last, George Eads. Or actually his "CSI" character Nick Stokes. It's a picture from the episode "Targets of Obsession" from season 11, where he shot Justin Bieber (which was awesome).

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