vrijdag 16 december 2011

Best of... Tom Cruise

When I was a teenager, Tom Cruise was THE guy for me. I loved him. The whole scientoligy crap was a big turn off for me. But still, deep inside, I like watching his movies and he has some good ones too.

"Risky Business"
I think everyone's favorite moment in the movie is when Cruise starts dancing and singing, while wearing just a white blouse. That was so cute and hot at the same time.

"Top Gun"
A movie about a fighter pilot, but mainly women like this film. And OMG what was Tom Cruise a dreamguy in "Top Gun". The storyline wasn't very special, the movie was just very entertaining.

"Rain Man"
Dustin Hoffman is the scene stealer, because his role is so strong. I really love this movie and Cruise and Hoffman were a great match for this film.

"Born on the 4th of July"
I think this is my favorite. Cruise's role is so intense and his acting is so convincing. In my fan days I watched this movie so many times, I could almost dream it.

"A Few Good Men"
Not a very spectacular movie, besides that one memorable quote by Jack Nicholson, but it's a very solid thriller/ drama.

"Interview with the Vampire"
Although vampires used to scare me, I like 'em more than before. Cruise plays the evil vampire and he does a fabulous job. He's very scary and believable as a bloodsucker. And the story is just very interesting and the atmosphere is perfect for a movie like this.

"Mission: Impossible"
I was so excited when this movie came out. Seeing Cruise as an action hero was such a big thing for me back in the days. I still like "Mission: Impossible", it's perfect entertainment.

"Jerry Maguire"
My favorite character Cruise ever played was this one. Although Jerry starts out as a selfish and arrogant man, he ends up being the perfect guy. I literally wanted to marry him back then. I'm over that now, but I still love this movie. Hopeless romantic...

I like movies with multiple storylines. This is such a fantastic film, great characters and I liked Cruise in his bad boy role. So different from previous roles and he got credit for it by being nominated for an Academy Award.

"Minority Report"
Very original and solid film. Well done.

Again a bad guy role for Cruise and again a very good performance. "Collateral" is a very good thriller and it's very exciting. I liked Cruise in combination with Jamie Foxx.

"War of the Worlds"
When I saw it in the cinema, the sounds the tripods make freaked me out. It was so scary, because you just don't want to imagine yourself in a situation like that. The movie got mixed reviews, but I liked it right away.

"Tropic Thunder"
This movie is hilarious, because it's ridiculous in a way. Great cast off course: Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black. Tom Cruise plays this weird guy named Len Grossman. You hardly recognize him, but he's funny.

"Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" just came out and "Rock of Ages" looked pretty good as well.

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