dinsdag 27 december 2011

Movie Moments: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

As you know, I love Robert Downey Jr. He's just.... irresistible. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is one of his best (maybe even my favorite) and I decided to share with you my favorite moments of the film.

Moment # 1: The audition
Harry is running from the cops, because he was just caught stealing from a toystore. He flees into a room, where an audition finds place. Harry starts reading for the part and because he just lost his partner he gets really emotional. The casting directors are really impressed with him and next thing he knows, Harry is at a Hollywood party.

Moment # 2: Harry and Harmony meet
Harry goes to a bar, where he followed Harmony. They start talking and than Harmony asks him if Harry really didn't recognize her. They've known each other since they were kids. They start catching up on old times and telling each other what they've been doing.

Moment # 3: Stake out
To prepare for his role, Harry goes on a stake out with cop Perry von Shrike (Gay Perry). They see a car in the water and find a body of an unknown woman in it. Harry asks Perry if she's dead and Perry tells him with sarcasm that she's just taking a nap. In the mean time, Harry tosses Perry's gun in the lake, which was a present from his mom and now when the cops dredge the lake they will find Perry's gun and they will know that he was there. They start arguing and Perry tells Harry he's an idiot.

Moment # 4: Spider
Harmony just told Harry about her sister, how she was found dead in a hotelroom. When she goes to bed, Harry sees a spider slip into her bra and he's trying to grab it. Harmony wakes up and realizes that Harry tried to grab her brest. She doesn't believe Harry's spider-story, because he's affraid of spiders. When she sees one of the legs on her brest, she believes him.

Moment # 5: Harry pees on a dead body
After Harmony left, Harry goes to the toilet. While he's peeing, he finds the dead body from the lake in his bathroom. Because he's freaked out, he turns around and accidentaly pees on her.

Moment # 6: "Is that the body?"
After finding the body, Harry called Perry. When he arrives at Harry's hotelroom, he asks him if that's the body. Harry very seriously tells him: "No that's the other one".

Moment # 7: The kiss
While trying to get rid of the dead body, a police car drives by. Perry tells Harry to kiss him, so that the cops don't think they are doing anything criminal. When they finish, Harmony asks them what they were doing.

Moment # 8: The Finger
Harry visits Harmony, who is mad at him. She slams the door and when she opens it again she sees that Harry's finger was cut of.

Moment # 9: A dog eats Harry's finger
Harry's car was stolen why he was sleeping in the back seat. When he wakes up, he enters the house and puts his finger on ice. When he turns his back, a dog grabs the finger. Harry tries to get it back, but the dog eats the finger.

Moment # 10: "You slept with Chook Chutney"
Harry and Harmony get intimate and crawl into bed together. They start kissing, but first Harmony wants to tell him something. She slept with Harry's best friend Chook Chutney, something Harmony always promised she would never do. Harry kicks her out.

Moment # 11: Russian roulette
While trying to get information from a suspect, Harry tries to scare him with his gun. He only puts one bullet in it. After not coorperating, he shoots but the first shot already contains the bullet, leaving Harry speachless and Perry mad because he just shot the only source of information.

Moment # 12: Perry's faggot gun
Harry and Perry are taken captive and Harry's being electrocuted. Perry tries a different approach by telling the hostage taker that he's gay. He makes him extra mad and when he's trying to strike him, Perry shoots him with his so-called faggot gun. He shoots from his crotch and Harry is relieved that it's a gun, because he tought it was a gay thing.

Moment # 13: "Only when I dressed up like a beer bottle"
Perry asks Harry if his father loved him. Harry tells him "only when I dressed up like a beer bottle". Than they turn around because Perry sees a male nurse he likes.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 11: Russian roulette

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