zaterdag 17 december 2011

Movie Moments: "Monsters Inc."

It's my favorite Disney Pixar movie and I recently watched it again. It's hilarious.... and full off great scenes.

Moment # 1: Mike was on TV
After the training, Sully and Mike sit down to watch the companies commercial on TV. Sully and Mike are both in it. When it is Mike’s big moment, the company logo covers his face. Sully doesn’t know what to say, because he thinks Mike is going to be very dissappointed. But Mike is very proud that he was on TV.

Moment # 2: Winds of change
Mike and Sully are in the dressing room, when Randall Boggs joins them. He’s their biggest rival. Randall tells Mike he hears something, the winds of change. When Randall leaves, Mike imitates him.

Moment # 3: Keep it together man!
One of the monsters gets out of the door, totally scared because the kid almost touched him. His assistents slaps him and tells him to keep it together.

Moment # 4: George’s decontamination
George is on a role and scaring a lot of kids. When he gets out of the door, his assistent sees a sock on his back. He calls in the code and George’s decontamination starts, leaving him completely bald and naked.

Moment # 5: Sully meets Boo
Mike is going out and Sully promised him to do his paperwork. When he returns to the scarefloor, he sees a door. When he looks inside, he doesn’t see a kid. When he closes it, he sees a little girl. Sully scares and he’s trying to put her back in her room. But she stays with him.

Moment # 6: Ook-lay in the ag-bay
Mike is having diner with Celia, when Sully storms in. He is trying to tell Mike about the little girl by using a secret language. He wants to say “look in the bag”, but instead he says “ook-lay in the ag-bay”.

Moment # 7: Mike and Sully take Boo to their house
Because they don’t know what to do, Mike and Sully take her to their house. All dressed in armor, trying to protect themselves from ‘that evil creature’. In a hectic moment, Mike trips, falls into the garbage bin and a bunch of books fall into his mouth. Boo starts laughing, which produces a short-circuit. Mike wishes she would never do that again.

Moment # 8: Sully brings Boo to bed
Boo is getting tired and Sully brings her to bed. She shows him that she’s scared of Randall, who is her monster. Sully makes sure she goes to sleep and that there is nothing to be affraid of.

Moment # 9: Put that thing back where it came from
Mike and Sully are having an argument. Mike thinks Sully is getting to attached to Boo. He tells him to put that thing back where it came from. All their co-workers are looking at them and want to know what they’re talking about. Mike tells them they are talking about a company musical. So he starts to sing “Put that thing back where it came from, oh so help me…”

Moment # 10: Abominable snowman
Mike and Sully are banished to the Himalaya’s. They meet the abominable snowman, when he’s actually very nice. Classic line is off course: “snowcone”?

Moment # 11: Finding Boo’s door
Mike and Sully are trying to get Boo back to her own door. They are chased by Randall, who wants to catch Boo. They chase through all different doors. Especially the door in Paris is very weird and funny.

Moment # 12: Randall gets banished
Mike and Sully defeated Randall and got him banished to a trailerpark. The people there mistake him for an alligator and beat him with a shovel.

Moment # 13: Waternoose gets framed
Waternoose follows Sully in what he thinks is Boo’s room. They start a fight and Waternoose tells him he is going to kidnap children for their screams. The CDA heard everything and Roz, who appears to be the boss off that company, makes sure Waternoose gets what he deserves.

Moment # 14: Boo and Sully say goodbye
Sully has to say goodbye to Boo. She brings her to her room and Boo shows him her toys. She gets in her bed and she hugs Sully. When he leaves her room, Boo gets out and opens the closet door. Only to find out there’s no one there.

Moment # 15: Mike is on the cover of a magazine
Like the commercial, this time Mike and Sully are on the cover of a magazine. Celia brought him an entire box of magazines. When Mike opens the box, he sees that the barcode is covering his face. Again, not disappointed but just happy to be on the cover of a magazine.

Moment # 16: Sully visits Boo
Mike has a surprise for Sully. He reasembled Boo’s door, so that Sully can visit her. And he does.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 9: Put that thing back where it came from

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