donderdag 16 augustus 2012

50 Books Challenge 2012 - # 35: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Author: Roald Dahl
Story: Willy Wonka's famous chocolate factory is opening at last, and only five lucky children will be allowed inside. But what they find is even wilder than any of the wild rumors, they've heard!
Start: august 11th 2012
End: august 16th 2012
Comment: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has been named the best children's book of all time by many readers. In can understand why people would say that. This story goes beyond every kids dream an imagination. I think any child would love to visit a magical chocolate factory like the one described in this book. All their wildest dreams come true. Charlie Bucket is the leading character and he is probably the sweetest and most selfless kid I ever read about. Charlie has a heart of gold and although he doesn't have much, he is a happy child. It's impossible not to like Charlie. The other children are so extreme, but so much fun to read about. Sweettooth Augustus Gloop, spoiled Veruca Salt, gum chewer Violet Beauregard and television addict Mike Teavee. Willy Wonka is such a strange man, but I do like him. Maybe because of his weirdness. Grandpa Joe is, together with Charlie, my favorite character. Loved him. The way Roald Dahl describes the factory is just amazing. So fanciful. This is what Dahl knows best, he can write so vividly. You can picture everything he writes about. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is such a joy to read, for all ages.
Rating: 5/ 5

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