woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Check This Out # 2

The second edition of this item. Again I have some great stuff I want to share with you. First this: this weekend I received the special edition of "The Hunger Games". It's a 2-disc special and it also contains five photocards. Really awesome!

You know that show "Inside the Actors Studio"? In the end James Lipton always asks his guest the same questions. This video shows a remix of those questions and the answers the guest gave him. Very funny.

Inside the Actors Studio

"Snow White and the Huntsman" is a great film. The song that "Florence + the Machine" made for this movie is fantastic. Here is the video, with clips of the movie, for the song "Breath of Life".

Breath of Life by Florence + the Machine

I found this picture of gorgeous Jessica Chastain, who is starring in the upcoming movie "Lawless".

The DVD for the superhero movie "The Avengers" will come out soon, but a gag reel has already hit the internet.

"The Avengers" Gag Reel

And a CSI season 12 recap. A good preparation for season 13, starting soon....

CSI Season 12 Recap

A show that starts soon too is "Sons of Anarchy". I saw a lot of promo video's, but this one really spoke to me. It's Tara centric and it looks like she and Gemma aren't getting along next season. Tara rocks this promo.

Tara Promo

If you have anything you think I need to check out, feel free to share it with me.

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