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Movie Moments: "The Shawshank Redemption"

It's time for my favorite movie! Here are the best moments for the most amazing movie ever: "The Shawshank Redemption".

Moment # 1: Andy arrives at Shawshank
Red and his buddies watch how the new batch enters Shawshank. They bet on which of the guys is going to break the first night. Red bets on “the tall drink of water with a silver spoon up his ass”, meaning Andy.

Moment # 2: Fresh Fish
It’s the first night for Andy and the other new inmates. Heywood tries to startle ‘fat guy’, because that’s the one he bet on. He breaks first and starts crying and everyone starts yelling fresh fish. Guard Hadley warns the fat guy to stop. When he doesn’t, Hadley grabs him and beats him up. It later turns out that he died of his injuries. Andy never made a sound that night.

Moment # 3: Red meets Andy
Red is playing ball with his friends when Andy introduces himself to him. He asks Red for a rock hammer. Red thinks it’s a lethal object, but Andy convinces him that if he’d seen it he would understand why it isn’t dangerous. Red agrees on getting it for him and he likes Andy.

Moment # 4: The sisters
Red had warned Andy for the sisters, who had their eyes on Andy. They grab him and Andy fights back, but they rape him anyway. It happens more than once and sometimes Andy manages to fight them off.

Moment # 5: Working on the roof
Andy, Red and their friends are working on the roof of the prison. Andy overhears a conversation between Hadley and his men, about money. Andy claims he can help him keep all the money, but Hadley doesn’t believe him and threatens to throw him off the roof. When he realizes that Andy can actually help him in exchange for some beers for his friends, he releases him. The guys enjoy the beer and Andy doesn’t drink one beer himself. He just sits there and has a strange smile on his face. He just wanted to feel normal again.

Moment # 6: Welcoming Andy back
Andy has almost been beaten to dead by Bogs and the sisters. Red and his friends want to welcome him back properly. They decide to find him some rocks, so he can make chess pieces out of them. Heywood thinks he found a good rock, when it’s actually horseshit. When Andy returns to his cell, he finds a Rita Hayworth poster that he got from Red.

Moment # 7: Brooks leaves Shawshank
After 50 years Brooks can finally leave prison. He releases his bird Jake, gets his own apartment and a job at a store. Brooks can’t adapt to his new life and hangs himself. Before he does he writes the guys a letter and carves his name in the wall.

Moment # 8: Music
Andy wanted new books for the Shawshank library. He started writing one letter a week and after six years they finally send new books. Andy finds a record in one of the boxes and decides to listen to it. He puts it on speaker so the entire prison can hear it.

Moment # 9: Harmonica
Red’s parole was rejected again and Andy gives him a present. It’s a harmonica, Red used to play it.

Moment # 10: “Dumbass”
Shawshank is getting a new library thanks to Andy. Him and his friends are rearranging all the books. Hewood finds a copy of “The Count of Monte Cristo” and he thinks it’s written by Alexandre ‘Dumbass’.

Moment # 11: Obtuse
Tommy told Andy a story about a different prison visit. A guy named Elmo Blatch told him that he killed Andy’s wife and her lover. That means that Andy is actually innocent. Andy tells Warden Norton this story but he doesn’t believe him. Andy calls him obtuse and Norton sends him to the hole for a month.

Moment # 12: The promise
After Andy spend two months in the hole, he starts talking to Red about his past with his wife. And about the life outside prison. Andy wants to go to Zihuatanejo, buy an old boat and fix it. Red tells him not to torture himself with such dreams, but Andy tells him to either get busy living or get busy dying. He wants Red to make him a promise. There’s an oaktree in Buxton and Andy will burry something for Red there. He wants Red to find it when he gets out. Red promises.

Moment # 13: Andy’s escape
When Andy doesn’t come out of his cell, the guards discover he’s gone. No one seems to know what happened until Warden Norton finds a hole behind the poster. Andy escaped and we get to see how he did it.

Moment # 14: Approved
The board wants to know if Red rehabilitated. Red doesn’t really care anymore, because he knows they will reject it anyway. This time it’s actually approved and Red is a free man.

Moment # 15: Red finds Andy
When Red is released he goes to the same place as Brooks. He also finds it hard to adapt, but he goes a different direction. He made a promise to Andy and goes to Buxton. There Red finds the oak tree and under that tree he finds a box. Inside is some money and a letter from Andy. This brings him to Zihuatanejo, where him and Andy reunite.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 13: Andy’s escape

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