donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Uganda Trip Pictures

People who frequently check my blog know that I recently took a trip to Uganda, Africa. We took so many pictures that I decided to pick my five favorites. So here they are. All the pictures were taken by my brother.

5. Hippo
We encountered this hippo during a boattrip on the Nile. Some came very close. It's really hard to believe that they are very dangerous, because they don't look dangerous.

4. Crane
This is one of the national animals of Uganda and also one of the most beautiful birds I ever saw.

3. Baby Gorilla
This is just so endeering and adorable.

2. Impala
Impala's are very gracious and I'm in love with this photo.

1. Gorilla
The main reason I wanted to visit Uganda was to see the gorilla's in the wild. And I did, which was an amazing experience. And we made the most beautiful picture while tracking for gorilla's. This is just amazing.

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