dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

In the Picture: The Characters from "Snow White and the Huntsman"

I'm a fan of this movie. I liked it when I first saw it and I really enjoyed it very much. So I decided to spotlight the characters from "Snow White and the Huntsman". Here they are.

Snow White
Played by: Kristen Stewart
Snow White has been captured by her evil stepmother after her father died. She hasn't been outside for a while, but Snow White is a strong young woman. When she escapes, she does everything to get as far away as possible from her stepmother and she just wants to survive. Eventually Snow White will even fight back.

Eric, the Huntsman
Played by: Chris Hemsworth
Eric is sent to kill Snow White and bring Ravenna her heart. He doesn't have a choice so he goes after her, but when they meet, Eric can't do it and decides to help Snow White. They form a team and eventually a very strong connection. Eric is a troubled man, with a lot of strenght and he's loyal to Snow White. After his wife died he hasn't felt anything. When he meets Snow White, that changes.

Played by: Charlize Theron
Ravenna seduced Snow White's father and married him. She killed him and now she rules alone. When Ravenna finds out that she will no longer be 'the farest of them all', she wants Snow White dead. Ravenna is a pure evil woman, with no mercy or sense of remorse.

Played by: Sam Claflin
William and Snow White grew up together. After the King's death, William is left to believe Snow White died too. Years later William finds out that Snow White isn't dead after all and he decides to find her. Not knowing that she might he given her heart to another man.

Favorite Character: Eric, the Huntsman

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