dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Movie Moments: "Toy Story 3"

The first two installments of this series have already been in this item. "Toy Story 3" is also full of great, memorable scenes so here are the best ones lined up for you.

Moment # 1: Opening
Mr. Potato Head is stealing money from a train. Woody tries to stop him with the help of Jessie and Bullseye. When the train almost crashes, Buzz comes to the rescue. Rex helps them and is finally scary and Hamm is evil Dr. Pork chop. Yes we’ve entered Andy’s imagination again.

Moment # 2: Buster
All the toys, besides Woody, accidentally end up in the trash. Woody needs to think of something so he calls Buster the dog. He got older, so he’s really slow. Woody gets on his back, but Buster roles over and lands on Woody.

Moment # 3: New toys!
Woody, Buzz and all of their toy friends are in a box. They arrived at Sunnyside Daycare. They are really curious about what’s going on outside the box. Rex eventually gets too excited and knocks over the box. They fall over and see a lot of new toys.

Moment # 4: The caterpillar room
The toys are very excited about their new home, they think it’s really nice. But that changes when they finally meet the kids. They are too young and can’t play properly with the toys. Slinky has three aliens curled up in his spiral, Rex lost his tail, Jessie is covered in paint and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head got all their parts mixed up. They don’t like it anymore and realize that Woody, who got out, was right all along.

Moment # 5: Chuckles
Woody is at Bonnie’s house. He really likes her and he’s happy that someone finally played with him again. But Woody feels he has to return to his actual owner Andy. When Bonnie’s toys find out that Woody’s friends are at the Sunnyside Daycare, they get really worried. Sunnyside isn’t a nice place. Woody doesn’t understand, because Lotso was a very nice toy. Chuckles, an angry clown, can tell him everything about Lotso, who isn’t nice at all. Woody realizes he has to save his friends.

Moment # 6: The plan
Woody arrives at the daycare and has a plan to get his friends out of Sunnyside. Mr. Potato Head distracts the big baby and Woody and Slinky catch “the monkey”. Barbie distract Ken in order to get the manual to reset Buzz. Hamm and Rex pretend to fight so that Jessie and Bullseye can capture Buzz, who was set into demo mode. In the mean time Mr. Potato Head puts all of his parts on a tortilla, but falls apart because of a pigeon. Barbie gets her hands on the manual to reprogram Buzz. Mr. Potato Head returns as a hotdog and all of the toys are together again and ready to escape.

Moment # 7: Buzz tries to impress Jessie
The toys reprogrammed Buzz, but something went wrong. He now is set into the Spanish mode. He tries to impress Jessie with his Spanish dance moves. Jessie doesn’t really know what to do with it.

Moment # 8: Buzz saves Jessie
All the toys are in the dumpster and Jessie is in trouble. Spanish Buzz sees her and saves her. Something heavy drops and he makes sure Jessie is save, but Buzz is hit. When he wakes up, Buzz is himself again and Jessie is very happy.

Moment # 9: Saved by the claw
Woody, Buzz and their friends think that it’s over. They grab each others hands, but all of a sudden the three little aliens save them with a giant claw.

Moment # 10: Andy and Bonnie
Woody writes Andy a note. He wants all the toys to got to Bonnie, instead of putting them in the attic. Andy introduces all the toys to Bonnie, including Woody, and he wants her to take good care of them because they mean a lot to him. Andy stays a little longer to play with Bonnie and the toys.

Moment # 11: Trixie and Rex play a videogame (end credits)
Rex finally found a dinosaur friend, Trixie. She also happens to love videogames and they make a great team together.

Moment # 12: Romeo & Juliet (end credits)
Mr. Pricklepants performs as Romeo and his Juliet is one of the little aliens.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 12: Romeo & Juliet

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