zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Best of... Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is such a funny actor and I think he had his best years. So many people critize him nowadays and I decided to spotlight his best movies. Here are my favorite Eddie Murphy movies.

48 Hrs.
A great buddy cop movie and I just love that scene where Eddie Murphy starts singing Roxanne by Sting.

Trading Places
One of the better 80's comedies. Great combo of Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

Beverly Hills Cop
The first time Eddie Muprhy as detective Axel Foley. I think this is a role Murphy should be reminded by. His best role so far and very memorable. I love Axel Foley.

The Golden Child
People, why don't you just appreciate this movie? It is so enjoyable and hilarious. You really shouldn't take it that seriously and it's actually one of my favorite by Eddie Murphy.

Beverly Hills Cop 2
Again as Axel Foley and a good sequel.

Coming to America
This movie is especially very funny because it's from the 80's. With that hairgel or hairspray commercial that's on all the time. And Eddie Murphy is super hilarious as Prince Akeem. And I really liked Arsenio Hall.

I remember that when this movie came on TV for the first time, it was on almost every month. I saw this so many times back then. Now, it's been a while and I only remember that Murphy's character walways looked at the girls toenails when they were in bed.

Beverly Hills Cop 3
This is better than people think. I still love Axel Foley and I maybe like this movie even more than the other two. I know, it's not better but it's so much funnier. That scene where Axel accidentaly ends up on stage with the Wonderworld characters. That's just hilarious. I always watch this movie.

The Nutty Professor
This was fatguy humor before it became nasty and distasteful. I liked Sherman Klump.

It's not one of my favorite Disney movies, but it's a Disney movie and they hardly ever disappoint. Murphy's character Mushu is adorable.

Dr. Dolittle
Funny concept, a guy that can talk to animals. That Spanish ape is the first thing that popped in my head while thinking of this movie.

Shrek series I'm not going to discuss all the different movies, I just love Shrek. Maybe it's me but Pinocchio is my favorite character, but I also love Fiona and Donkey. I like how they made fairytales hip again, in stead of dull and dusty.

I Spy
Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson are a cool duo. Our own Famke Janssen adds a little spice to it and you have a great action/ comedy combo.

A more serious role and I really adore this film. Especially Jennifer Hudson is fantastic, although an Oscar was maybe a little bit over-the-top, but her performance was great. This was Eddie Murphy's last movie worth watching.

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