dinsdag 8 mei 2012

In the Picture: The Characters from "There's Something About Mary"

“There’s Something About Mary” is my favorite comedy of all time and one of my all-time favorite movies. It doesn’t only have great, memorable moments, but also fabulous characters that you never forget. Just because they are so quirky. Here they are.

Mary Jensen
Played by: Cameron Diaz
Mary is every mans dream. She is beautiful, kind, loves sports, helpful and smart. She is also Ted’s dreamgirl. When he tracks her down she is as beautiful as ever, single, and an Orthopedic Surgeon. Mary is also very involved with her mentaly challenged brother Warren.

Ted Stroehmann
Played by: Ben Stiller
Ted is a goofy guy who got lucky that Mary wanted to go to the prom with him. And that’s all the luck he has, because this night goes horribly wrong. He hires a private detective to find Mary when he’s older and he realizes that Mary is still a fox. He wins her over again but there are many guys on the lookout for Mary. And Ted, the unlucky guy he is, can’t help to get himself in another sticky situation with many to follow. He is the only selfless man though, because he can only be happy if Mary is. That’s how he eventually gets the girl.

Pat Healy
Played by: Matt Dillon
Pat is the private detective Ted hires. He claims that Mary is fat, disabled and very unhappy. That’s obviously not true, but he also fell for Mary and wants her for himself. With a bunch of lies Pat manages to win Mary over, but his lies don’t hold. Pat is a sneaky, slick and lying man.

Dom Woganowski
Played by: Chris Elliott
Dom is Ted’s best friend and is sick of hearing the stories about Mary. He convinces Ted to track her down and secretly likes Mary himself. In high school he was Mary’s stalking ex-boyfriend Woogie, the reason she moved and changed her name. Dom has a thing for shoes and a weird skin condition.

Played by: Lee Evans
Tucker is one of Mary’s patients and a very sophisticated man. So he appears, because Tucker is actually Norm the pizza delivery guy who fell in love with Mary after delivering her a pizza when she opened the door in her night gown.

Played by: Lin Shaye
Magda is Mary’s landlady and she loves tanning. A bit to much, because she looks like a brownie. Magda loves martini’s and likes to eat a banana split after sex. She is also the proud owner of the lovely dog Puffy, who is more feisty then he appears.

Favorite Character: Ted Stroehmann

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