donderdag 10 mei 2012

CSI's Best, Season 12

Two top fives in one day? Yes! Because yesterday was the last episode of CSI Season 12, so like every year I make a list of my five favorite episodes of the season. That's what I'm gonna do this time. A lot has happened in this season. Three new characters where introduced and we lost Catherine. Here are the best episodes, in my opinion of course, of CSI Season 12.

# 5 - Episode 20: Altered Stakes
A man that was sent to jail by Nick is about to be released. The teams has to find new evidence in the case to keep him behind bars. I always like those episodes where they are in a race against time. Oh, and the baseball part was also kind of awesome. Teambuilding.

# 4 - Episode 17: Trends with Benefits
It kind of reminded me of the episode "Unleashed" in season 11, where a girl was the target of internet bullying. Here the internet also played a huge part in the case, which made it up to date and really interesting.

# 3 - Episode 5: CSI Down
Morgan got into a helicopter with a victim who later turned out to be a suspect. A real trill this episode and I liked Morgan in the spotlight and Greg caring so much.

# 2 - Episode 22: Homecoming
This one a fantastic season finale, with a couple of great cliffhangers. What the hell happened man? Nick wanting to quit, Russell's granddaughter got abducted, Ecklie got shot (just when I started to like him a bit more) and what was going on with Julie in that bar? COME ON. I can't wait that long for answers! Well, I have to.

# 1 - Episode 16: CSI Unplugged
The city has no power and the team has to deal with a nanny and a kid going missing. They have to go old school and I really liked that aspect of the episode.

The episodes I also loved, but just didn't make my top five: Episode 12: Willows in the Wind, Episode 14: Seeing Red and Episode 15: Stealing Home

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