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Movie Moments: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

I already shared my favorite moments with you from the first Harry Potter movie. This time it's "Harry Potter and the Chambr of Secrets". Also filled with memorable moments. Here they are.

Moment # 1: Harry meets Dobby
When his aunt and uncle have a guest, Harry has been sent up to his room. He meets Dobby, a house elf. He says he has to protect and warn Harry and he has to prevent him from going back to Hogwarts. Dobby is the reason why he never got letters from Ron and Hermione, because that could be a reason for Harry not to return to Hogwarts. Harry has to promise Dobby not to go back, or else he drops a cake on the head of his aunt and uncle’s guest. And that’s exactly what Dobby does.

Moment # 2: The flying car
Harry now has bars in front of his windows. Ron, George and Fred rescue Harry…. In a flying car. Later when Harry and Ron miss the train to Hogwarts, they take the car again and fly to school. They land in a tree.

Moment # 3: Ron receives a howler
Ron’s owl brings him a letter. It’s a howler, a letter that screams at you. It’s from his mother who found out about the flying car.

Moment # 4: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
Harry and his quidditch team are up against Slytherin. Draco now joined the team. Harry is pursued by a bludger, that’s obviously tampered with. Harry does catch the snitch and wins the game for his team.

Moment # 5: Snape and Lockhart duel
Gilderoy Lockhart starts a dueling club. He introduces his “assistent” Severus Snape, who he duels first. Snape off course overpowers him. They challenge Harry and Draco to duel each other, but only to disarm each other. When a snake appears, Harry terrifies his fellow students by speaking in Parseltongue. A language only a few speak and means that you can talk to snakes.

Moment # 6: Dumbledore’s office
Professor McGonagal brings Harry to Dumbledore’s room. He sees the sorting hat and asks him if Gryffindor was the right house for him. The hat tells Harry that he was very difficult to place. He also meets Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix. A bird that burns and is being reborn from its ashes.

Moment # 7: Polyjuice potion
Harry, Ron and Hermione made Polyjuice potion. With this potion they can change into someone else. So they can find out about Draco’s secrets and if he’s the heir of Slytherin. Ron and Harry turn into to Crabbe and Goyle, but Hermione turns into a cat by accident because she did something wrong with the potion.

Moment # 8: Tom Riddle
Harry finds a book with nothing in it. When Harry writes something in it, the book answers him. It’s someone called Tom Riddle. Harry asks him about the chamber of secrets and finds out that it was Hagrid who opened the chamber all those years ago.

Moment # 9: Aragog
Ron and Harry follow the little spiders like Hagrid told them to. They meet Aragog, the big leader of the spiders. Aragog tells them it wasn’t Hagrid that opened the chamber of secrets and that he is not the monster that has petrified all the muggles.

Moment # 10: The chamber of secrets
Harry and Ron discover the chamber and enter it. They get separated, so Harry is on his own and tries to find Ginny. When he does, he meets Tom Riddle. He tells him Ginny opened the chamber, because that’s what he told her to do. Tom calls the basilisk and sends him after Harry. Fawkes, the phoenix, blinds him and that’s how Harry manages to overpower him and save Ginny.

Moment # 11: Dobby is free
Harry finds out that Dobby is the Malfoy’s house elf, therefore a slave. When Harry gives him a sock, making it look like it came from Lucius Malfoy, Dobby is finally free. Dobby protects Harry from Lucius and tells him “You shall not harm Harry Potter”.

Moment # 12: Hagrid returns
Because Hagrid was the first suspect of opening the chamber, he has been send to Azkaban. Now he’s back and get’s a grand of applause.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 11: Dobby is free

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