maandag 14 mei 2012

Movie Moments: "Toy Story"

I recently shared my top five of favorite Pixar movies with you. "Toy Story" was also on that list and I picked the best moments from that movie. I'm planning to do that with all three the movies, but first "Toy Story".

Moment # 1: Opening
We meet Andy. He’s playing with his toys: Rex, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, but most of all Woody. His favorite toy who he spends most of his time with.

Moment # 2: Aaaargh!
Woody is looking for his sketch pad when all of a sudden Rex jumps out and roars at Woody. Rex wants to scare him, but it’s obviously not working. Sometimes he thinks he’s coming off as annoying but Rex just wants to be scary.

Moment # 3: Buzz Lightyear
Andy received his gift, but one present is still unknown. The other toys want to find out what Andy got for his birthday and they discover it’s a Buzz Lightyear doll. He thinks he really is Buzz Lightyear and doesn’t realize he’s just a toy. Everybody but Woody thinks Buzz is amazing.

Moment # 4: Woody and Buzz fight
While waiting in the car, Woody sees Buzz who he just pushed out of a window. Buzz is OK, but he’s mad at Woody for what he did. They start to fight and Andy and his family drive away and leave them behind.

Moment # 5: The claw
Buzz thinks he sees a spaceship at Pizza Planet and climbs in it. Woody follows him, but it’s just a grab machine filled with little alien toys. They tell Buzz and Woody that “the claw” is in charge and that if it grabs you, you’re the chosen one. Sid discovers that there’s a Buzz Lightyear doll in the machine and tries to grab it. He succeeds and also takes Woody.

Moment # 6: Buzz at the tea party
After Buzz realized that he’s not real, but a toy, Sid’s sister Hannah finds him and has a tea party with him, Woody distracts Hannah and tries to get Buzz out of there. Buzz is depressed and feels useless.

Moment # 7: Woody calls for help
Woody sees Hamm and Mr. Potato Head from Sid’s room. He calls them for help, but the other toys don’t want to save him because they still think Woody killed Buzz. When Woody tries to convince them that he and Buzz are friends now by using Buzz’ broken arm, they believe him. Until the toys see it’s just Buzz’ arm, they call him a murderer and Rex even throws up.

Moment # 8: Scaring Sid
Buzz is about to be blown up by Sid, so Woody and all of Sid’s weird toys decide to scare Sid. It works and they are able to free Buzz.

Moments # 9: The rocket
Woody and Buzz are trying to catch up with Andy’s moving truck and their toy friends. After trying a couple of times, they realize that Buzz still has a rocket strapped to himself. Woody lights it and they manage to get into the car with Andy and his family.

Moment # 10: Mrs. Potato Head
Andy and his family celebrate Christmas at their new house. The toys are anxious about the presents and listen to the walkie-talkie. Andy receives a Mrs. Potato Head which especially excites Mr. Potato Head. He says he has to shave and takes of his mustache.

Favorite Moment: Moment # 2: Aaaaargh!

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