donderdag 10 mei 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Disney Pixar Movies

I love Disney and I LOVE Pixar. I simply can’t get enough of these movies and I love them all. Some more than other, so that’s why I’m sharing my top 5 with you this week. Here are my five favorite Pixar movies.

5. “Toy Story”
We meet all the characters we came to love so much. Woody, Buzz, Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head and Rex (my favorite). Toy Story is a completely unforgettable film for it’s fans. The way the two main characters are developed is amazing, though it mainly focuses on Buzz and Woody only, it’s what made the film so powerful, not to mention more entertaining.

4. “Finding Nemo”
This story is epic. A worried clownfish father looking for his son Nemo, who’s out there in the open ocean. Tuns of fantastic characters like Crush the turtle, Bruce the vegetarian shark and Nigel the pelican. But favorite is the forgetful fish Dory, who will never leave our memories.

3. “Toy Story 3”
All the characters from “Toy Story” have really grown on us. That’s maybe the reason why I loved this a little bit more than the other two movies in the series. And it introduces us to a bunch of new characters, with Mr. Pricklepants as my favorite. Usually movie sequels that come this far become a bit tawdry. “Toy Story 3” is the exception because it’s entertaining and loveable and it feels as magical as ever.

2. “Ratouille “
A story of a rat that dreams of becoming a cook. That idea alone is just brilliant and only Disney can get away with that. “Ratatouille” is so endearing and I love the connection between rat Remi and human Linguini.

1. “Monsters Inc.”
Monsters Inc. is a company that scares kids at night and they collect their screams in order to get power for the city. Sully is the main scarer and together with his partner Mike he has to deal with a child that entered their world. This is my favorite and I don’t know anyone who shares this love for “Monsters Inc.” with me. Maybe that makes me a bit strange too, like Mike and Sully.

They almost made the top 5: “The Incredibles”, “Toy Story 2”, “Wall-E” and “Up”.

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