vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

50 Books Challenge 2011 - # 45: The Shining by Stephen King

Title: The Shining
Author: Stephen King
Story: Danny is only five years old, but he is a 'shiner', aglow with psychic voltage. When his father becomes caretaker of an old hotel, his visions grow out of control. Cut off by blizzards, the hotel seems to develop an evil force, and who are the mysterious guests in the supposedly empty hotel?
Start: august 12th 2011
End: august 19th 2011
Comment: After seeing the movie an being a Stephen King fan, I can't believe I never read "The Shining". That's the main reason why I eventually picked it up. It took me a while to finish it, mostly because it was one of the most frightening books I've ever read. If you are a horror fan this is a essential read for you. King knows how to create a suspenseful atmosphere and I love his writing style. He is a magician with words, he can turn any topic into an interesting read. What I liked most about "The Shining" is that it's scary without using extreme gore. Some say it's a bit slow paced and I agree, but that didn't bother me. This story is so interesting that it will keep your attention at all times. "The Shining" was a satisfying read and it may inspire a few nightmares. Tip: don't read this book when you're home alone at night.
Rating: 5/ 5

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