donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Best of... Steven Spielberg

This is the first time I'm going to dedicade this item to a director. I only did actors and actresses and one time I did one for Stephen King movies. But who else to start with but Steven Spielberg, the master of directing. Here are my favorite Spielberg movies.

You only see the shark after 45 minutes, but that is exactly why this movie is so great and other shark movies suck. Spielberg really knew how to build up the tension and even after wathcing it so many times it's still terrifying.

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
A very solid movie, terrific film about aliën contact. It wouldn't end up in a top 10 list, but it's a very memorable film from his earlier years as a director.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Still the best in the series and by making this movie, Spielberg also created my favorite movie character of all-time. I love the scene with the guy who's swinging his swords and then Indy comes by and just shoots him. Iconic!

"E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial"
How can you not love E.T.? What an adorable aliën and what a cute film. This is one of the few films that can still make me cry.

"Indiana Jones and te Tmeple of Doom"
Not as good as the first, but my second favorite. This one is a bit over the top some times, but without getting ridiculous. It's just perfect entertainment.

"The Color Purple"
How heartbreaking! This is such a sad story and so different from a lot of Spielberg's other work. I was so touched by Whoopi Goldberg and her fabulous acting in this beautiful movie.

"Empire of the Sun"
This has always been one of my favorites. Great performance by a very young Christian Bale, I was captivated by him. I think this is brilliant and just simply beautiful.

"Jurassic Park"
This movie is so great for so many reasons. First off course the dinosaurs. Second, the many great moments this movie has (check out my item movie moments) and the many memorable scenes it provided. Third, the great visuals and music. This is probably my favorite Spielberg movie and I think a lot of people share that with me.

"Schindler's List"
I remember seeing this movie in 6th grade. Very impressive movie, especially when you're younger. The girl in the red coat, who can forget. And Ralph Fiennes' role was just creepy good.

"The Lost World: Jurassic Park"
The second installment was very good also. I kinda missed Sam Neill and Laura Dern, but I came to like Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore. The scene in the trailer is my favorite and the one in the high grass with the raptors gives me the chills.

Spielberg has a very diverse movie resume when it comes to the genres. "Amistad" was also very different from other movies he made and a great film. Althoug I don't really like watching Matthew McConaughey, because he simply can't act, he didn't bother me in this film.

"Saving Private Ryan"
Like I wrote when I was making this list for Tom Hanks, this movie has one of the best opening scene in cinema history. Just a very good movie, I can't say anything else.

"Artificial intelligence: A.I."
Haley Joel Osment did a very good job as the little robot boy with feelings. It's amazing to see how such a young boy can make us believe he is a robot. He's not just a boy pretending to be one. Someone once said that this is a movie with heart and brains. That's exactly what this is.

"Catch Me If You Can"
A very introvert film, but definitely worth watching. Great performances by Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio and a unbelievable story based on true events.

"The Terminal"
I just like it, basically because of Tom Hanks. That's all I'm gonna say.

"War of the Worlds"
Spielberg can not only create sweet and cute aliëns like E.T. The unearthly creatures from this film weren't exactly kind. A very exciting popcorn movie, with good acting by Tom Cruise and Tim Robbins.

There are some movies coming out in the upcoming years. Like "Lincoln", off course about Abraham Lincoln, "War Horse" and "The Adventures of Tintin". I'm also quite excited to hear there will be a fourth "Jurassic Park". So many to look forward to.

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