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In the Picture: The Characters from "Pride & Prejudice"

"Pride & Prejudice", written by Jane Austen, is my favorite books and the 2005 version is also one of my favorite movies. There are so many great characters in this film, that I had to bring them up in this item.

Elizabeth Bennet
Played by: Keira Knightley
Elizabeth is the heroine of the story. She is very intelligent and witty and she thinks she's meant for something more then just marry a man and become like her mother. Elizabeth is convinced that she should never marry unless she feels compelled to do so by true love.

Mr. Darcy
Played by: Matthew Macfadyen
Mr. Darcy is a wealthy, reserved and intelligent man. He is a very proud man and slights Elizabeth before falling in love with her. To strangers he can look a bit arrogant.

Jane Bennet
Played by: Rosamund Pike
Jane is the eldest of the Bennet sisters and the one considered the most beautiful. She is very reserved, gentle and doesn't like to show her emotions. Jane likes to only see the good in people.

Mary Bennet
Played by: Talulah Riley
Mary is the third sister, loves reading and is a very shy girl. She hates being compared to her sisters and doesn't care for anything they care for. She hates balls and is very unsure about her appearance. Mary likes to impress others with her schoolwork and limited musical skills

Catherine "Kitty" Bennet
Played by: Carey Mulligan
Kitty is the fourth in the line of Bennet sisters. She generally follows the leads of her younger sister Lydia and is also much like her.

Lydia Bennet
Played by: Jena Malone
Lydia is the youngest sister and extremely naive. She is flirtatious, obstinate and reckless. She actually does want to marry a rich man someday and is the first Bennet sister that does.

Mr. Bennet
Played: Donald Sutherland
Mr. Bennet is a true gentleman, the father of five daughters and husband to a hysterical wife. He does want his daughters to be happy with a man someday, but believes what Elizabeth believes: there needs to be love involved. Mr. Bennet is especially very close with his two eldest daughters.

Mrs. Bennet
Played by: Brenda Blethyn
Mrs. Bennet has only one wish for her daughters: that they marry a preferably wealthy man, as soon as possible. She has high hopes for Jane and doesn't understand Elizabeth when she declined a proposal from Mr. Collins, a man Elizabeth simply didn't care for.

Charlotte Lucas
Played by: Claudie Blakly
Charlotte is Elizabeth's closest friend. She ends up marrying Mr. Collins instead, something that Elizabeth doesn't understand. Charlotte doesn't have the beauty of the Bennet sisters and just has to settle for anything less that comes by. She prefers having a home and security.

Charles Bingley
Played by: Simon Woods
Charles is a young, wealthy man and a very close friend of Mr. Darcy. Charles doesn't hide his feelings and shows his affection to Jane Bennet. He is a kind and good hearted man and truly loves Jane.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Played by: Judy Dench
Lady Catherine is Mr. Darcy's aunt and patroness of Mr. Collins. She is dominant and very proud. She had planned for her daughter and Mr. Darcy to marry, ever since they were children and isn't happy that Darcy shows interest in Elizabeth.

Favorite Character: Elizabeth Bennet

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