vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Movie Moments: "Big Fish"

"Big Fish" is full of great scenes. This movie is a visual treat and has such great characters. Here are my favorite moments from the movie "Big Fish", in the order they appear in the film.

Moment # 1: The witch
Edward tells his son about the witch. He visits her with his friends and they dare him to bring them the glass eye that belongs to the witch. He does, but the witch comes with him. Whenever you look into the glass eye, it shows you how you’re gonna die. Edward never shares that information with anyone.

Moment # 2: Edward meets Karl
The town of Ashton is terrorized by a monster, or so they say. Edward volunteers to go and meet with the so called monster. He meets Karl, a giant man, and finds out he is harmless. Edward tells Karl that he might be big, but the town is just to small for him. And for Edward. Together they leave Ashton to explore the world.

Moment # 3: Norther Winslow's poem
Norther has been working on his poem for twelve years and all he has are three sentences: The grass so green. Skies so blue. Spectre is really great!

Moment # 4: Spectre dance
In the town of Spectre, Edward joins a party. Together with the other residents he starts dancing. Then he realizes he needs to leave. He would be happy to end up in Spectre some day, but he isn’t meant to end up somewhere just yet.

Moment # 5: Edward sees Sandra
Edward visits the Galloway circus when he first sees Sandra. The world around him literally stops, but she’s gone before he has the chance to talk to him. He makes a deal with Mr. Galloway to work for him and Mr. Galloway will tell him a fact about Sandra every month.

Moment # 6: Daffodils
When Edward finds out her name and where she goes to college, he decided to tell her how he feels. She is already engaged to be married, but that doesn’t stop him. He finally wins her over by giving her a garden full of daffodils, which are her favorite flowers.

Moment # 7: Edward returns from the war
Sandra thinks Edward died in the war. While she's hanging the laundry out to dry, Edward turns up again, in one piece.

Moment # 8: Norther Winslow robbes a bank
Edward goes to the bank where he meets Norther again. He is about to rob the bank and Edward is forced to help him. Because there was nothing in the vault, Edward gives Norther some money so he wouldn’t go home empty handed.

Moment # 9: Edward and Sandra in the bathtub
Edward is in the bathtub, because he thought he was drying out. Sandra gets in the tub with him and says: “I think I’ll never dry out”.

Moment # 10: The thunderstorm
While on the way in his car, he ends up in a terrible thunderstorm. His car gets flooded and he sees the most beautiful woman swim by. When the storm is over, his car ends up in a tree.

Moment # 11: Edward fixes Jenny's house
Edward visits Jenny when she’s older and fixes her house, because it’s all crooked. Together with Karl he makes it into a beautiful dream house.

Moment # 12: Will tells Edward how he goes
Edward is in the hospital. When he wakes up he asks Will to tell him how he goes. Will starts telling him about how they leave the hospital and drive to the river. There they’ll meet all of Edward’s friends. Will carries him to the river, where Edward becomes a really big fish, something he was always meant to be.

Moment # 13: The funeral
After Edward died, Will, Sandra and Josephine attend his funeral. There they see people Edward told them about in his stories. So Edward didn’t only tell lies after all.

Favorite Moment: # 6: Daffodils

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