dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "Jurassic Park"

This movie is off course about the dinosaurs and the beautiful visual effects. But let's pay attention to the people who enter Jurassic Park. I choose the six most important characters from the movie.

Dr. Alan Grant
Played by: Sam Neill
Alan is a very introvert person and he's very passionate about dinosaurs and his job as a paleontologist. He doesn't like children, but when he meets Tim and Lex, Hammonds grandchildren, he does warm to them eventually. Alan specializes in the velociraptor and he is among the many paleontologists that believe birds are descended from that kind of dinosaurs. His true passion goes out to dinosaurs.

Dr. Ian Malcolm
Played by: Jeff Goldblum
Ian is a mathematician and chaos theorist. He speaks very highly of himself and is a bit eccentric. He dresses all in black and acts like he's some kind of rockstar. Alan dislikes him right away, although Ian becomes more serious along the way of their adventure. Ian has kids, but isn't married.

Dr. John Hammond
Played by: Richard Attenborough
John is the owner of Jurassic Park and the founder of InGen. He is a sympathetic grandfather who means well. He created the themepark of his dreams but he underestimates the power of genetics. He is willing to take responsibility for his actions and the safety of his grandchildren comes first, but he still wants to live the dream.

Dr. Ellie Sattler
Played by: Laura Dern
Ellie is Alans girlfriend and a specializes in paleobotany. She sees the beauty of the dinosaurs, but isn't as passionate about her job as Alan is. She wants to settle down someday. Ian shows interest in her, but Alan dismisses those flirtations by affirming their relationship. Ellie is a very brave and strong woman, but she'd rather read about the dinosaurs then actually meet them.

Lex Murphy
Played by: Ariana Richards
Lex is John Hammonds granddaughter. She is very smart and has advanced computer skills. Her knowledge helps them a lot, while trying to escape from the velociraptors. Lex is a vegetarian and is especially interested in the herbivores, or as she calls them the vegisaures. She also has a little crush on Alan.

Tim Murphy
Played by: Joseph Mazzello
Tim is Lex' younger brother. He is very curious and wants to know everything about Alan and his work. At first this annoys Allan but he and Tim build up a friendship because of Tim's interest in and knowledge of dinosaurs.

Favorite Character: Ellie Sattler

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