zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Movie Moments: "(500) Days of Summer"

The reason I love "(500) Days of Summer" so much is because it's fresh and original and not standard. It isn't standard in every way of the word. It's told in an extremely original way and you can't predict one second of the film. Just perfect. Here are my favorite moments in the movie, in the order the appear in the film.

Moment # 1: I love Summer
Tom realizes he is in love with Summer and starts to name things he loves about her. Her smile, her hair, her knees, the way she licks her lips before she talks, her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck, when she sleeps.

Moment # 2: Karaoke
Tom and Mackenzie go to a karaokebar with some co-workers and Summer also joins them. She starts singing “Sugertown” by Nancy Sinatra and later Tom sings “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies.

Moment # 3: Ikea
Tom and Summer are looking for coasters in Ikea and start pretending that it’s their home. Joining each other in a kitchen, were the sink doesn’t work. Then ending up in a bedroom, where they kiss each other on the bed. And then Tom telling Summer that there’s a Chinese family in their bathroom.

Moment # 4: Hall & Oates musical number
After spending the night with Summer, Tom feels great. He starts dancing with the people in the park, who are all dressed in blue. It sort of describes what Tom is feeling on that moment.

Moment # 5: Arm drawing
Tom shows Summer his favorite spot, because he loves the buildings. He says people don’t notice the beauty of it and if it were him he would make them notice. When Summer asks him how, he wants to draw it but doesn't have any paper. Tom starts drawing it on Summer's arm.

Moment # 6: Summer's appartement
Summer invites Tom over in her appartement, which means letting him in to her life. She starts telling Tom stories and it appears they are all stories she never told anyone else.

Moment # 7: Penis!!!
Tom and Summer are in the park together. They start saying the word penis, but everyime a little bit louder. Making it into a game of who dares to go further, eventually screaming the word penis in a park that also has children in it.

Moment # 8: I hate Summer
Everything Tom used to love about Summer, he now hates. Her crooked teeth, her 1960s haircut, her knobby knees, her cockroach-shaped splotch in her neck, the way she smack her lips before she talks, the sound of her laugh.

Moment # 9: Train
Tom meets Summer again on the train, on their way to a wedding, where they start talking and seem to have a lot of fun. On the way home, Summer falls a sleep and rests her head on Tom’s shoulder. Because Summer invited him to her party, he thinks he still has a shot.

Moment # 10: Expectations vs. reality
Tom attends a party hosted by Summer. We see his expectations on the left and reality on the right. They are different from each other. He finds out Summer is engaged and he will not have a future with her.

Moment # 11: Wall drawing
Tom feels inspired and starts drawing on his chalkboard.

Moment # 12: Bench
Tom is sitting in his favorite spot, where Summer meets up with him. Tom doesn’t understand why she never wanted him as a boyfriend and now married another guy. Summer: “I just woke up one day and I knew”. Tom: “Knew what”? Summer: “What I was never sure of with you”.

Moment # 13: Meeting Autumn
Tom is on his way to a job interview and meets a girl, who also applied for the job. They start talking and find out they share the same favorite spot. When Tom is called in, he returns and asks her out for a cup of coffee. First she declines but just a second later she says yes. He introduces himself and she tells him her name is Autumn.

Favorite moment: # 10: Expectations vs. reality

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filmgeek zei

Ahhhhh! Fucking brilliant!

Joyce zei

Haha, you understand me. My friends don't get why I love this movie so much!