zondag 14 augustus 2011

Movie Moments: "Jurassic Park"

I decided to introduce a new item: Movie Moments. I will pick a movie and than I will choose my favorite moments from that movie. I'm going to start with "Jurassic Park", I saw it again today and I recently used this film for another item of mine: In the Picture. So here are my favorite moments from"Jurassic Park" in order of how they appear in the movie.

Moment # 1: The opening scene
They are delivering a group of raptors for the park. While releasing one of them into its cage, something goes horribly wrong and one of the raptors grabs a man. Off course this man ends up dead. This scene really sets the mood for the movie

Moment # 2: Welcome to Jurassic Park
At this moment Alan, Ian and Ellie had just arrived at the island and get their first encounter with a real-life dinosaur. Alan's respons: "It's a dinosaur".

Moment # 3: Dinosaur egg hatches
During their tour around the research facility, Alan, Ellie, Ian and Dr. Hammond witness how a baby dinosaur is born. When it exits the egg, Alan finds out it's a raptor, which he knows to be the most vicious dinosaurs.

Moment # 4: Sick Triceratops
They are in the cars and they haven't seen any dinosaurs on the tour yet. Alan sees something and jumps out of the car, discovering a sick Triceratops. Alan says it has been his favorite dinosaur ever since he was a kid and Ellie wants to find out why the Triceratops is so sick.

Moment # 5: Dilophosaurus vs. Nedry
Dennis Nedry shuts off the entire system for 18 minutes, so he can deliver dinosaur DNA, which he stole from the research centre. While trying to get to the boat, he crashes his car. He gets out and meets a dilophosaurus, which seems harmless at first. The dinosaur starts spitting and Dennis' face is all covered with sticky goo. When he thinks he got away by getting in the car, the dilophosaurus appears next to him and attacks Dennis.

Moment # 6: T-Rex attacks
Ian and Alan are in one car and Tim, Lex and Gennaro are in the other when the cars stop. It's raining and the power is off. The T-Rex escapes from his paddock and attacks the car with Tim and Lex in it. The 'brave' Gennaro already left the car, but gets eaten not very short after his escape. Alan gets out of the car to save the kids and Ian tries to distract the T-Rex. This is by far one of the most exciting scenes ever.

Moment # 7: "God bless you"
Alan, Lex and Tim wake up after sleeping in a tree. A Brachiosaurus starts eating the branches of the tree they're in. Lex seems very interested in the dinosaur, because they are vegetarians like her. As Lex reaches in to pet the Brachiosaurus, the dinosaurs pulls back and releases a very big sneeze. Pretty disgusting, because Lex is covered in snot, but little brother Tim sees the fun of it and yells out: "God bless you".

Moment # 8: Raptor in the powerhouse
Ellie was send out to turn on the power. Dr. Hammond and Ian are talking her through. After turning the power on, a raptor appears and she has to run from it. Finding Mr. Arnolds arm is the least of her problems.

Moment # 9: Electrocution
Alan, Tim and Lex are climbing the big fence, because they want to get to the other side. Right before the power comes on, Tim freezes and can't climb any further. When the power comes back, Tim is sent flying right into Dr. Grant's arms.

Moment # 10: The kitchen
My favorite scene from the movie. While Lex and Tim are eating, they see a raptor and flee into the kitchen. Two raptors enter and both children are trying to get away from the dinosaurs. This scene is so exciting, it makes me nervous every single time I watch it.

Moment # 11: T-Rex saves the day
Alan, Ellie, Lex and Tim are chased by raptors and now surrounded by them. Just when one of them is about to strike, T-Rex enters and saves the group from the raptors. Then a banner drops saying: "When dinosaurs ruled the earth".

Favorite Moment: # 10: The kitchen

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