zondag 21 augustus 2011

In the Picture: The Characters from "Whip It"

I saw "Whip It" yesterday for the first time and just like Bliss fell in love with the game, I fell in love with this movie. I loved it! Great directorial debut for Drew Barrymore and the film has some interesting characters. I only choose the one you really get to know. Here we go.

Bliss Cavender
Played by: Ellen Page
Bliss is tired of doing whatever her mom wants. She is figuring out a way to express herself and when she finds out about the roller derby, she decided to try out. Bliss is a fighter and proves to others that she can be tough. In this sport, Bliss finds her passion and she can finally do what she wants.

Maggie Mayhem
Played by: Kristen Wiig
Maggie is the captain of the Hurl Scouts and a real team player and leader. She is the one person everyone turns to and people trust. Maggie is the one telling Bliss she could be her own hero.

Smashley Simpson
Played by: Drew Barrymore
Smashley doesn’t have it all together. She’s a bit chaotic and never on time. Smashley wouldn’t be named Smashley if she didn’t take the punch once in a while. But she also knows how to deliver them. She is kick ass, but not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Iron Maven
Played by: Juliette Lewis
Maven is a very strong woman who got succesful in the roller derby on a later age. She’s the captain of a competitive team and she feels a bit threatened by Bliss. Maven doesn’t like the fact that Bliss is being so succesful this soon, when it took her five years to get to the point she is now. Although there’s a lot of rivalry between the two, they also have mutual respect for each other.

Played by: Alia Shawkat
Pash is Bliss’ best friend and someone who you can always rely on. Pash doesn’t believe that Bliss can be tough enough for the roller derby, but with making that statement she actually pushed Bliss in the right direction. She does everything to help Bliss, but to certain limits. Pash hates to be dissappointed in her friendship.

Played by: Andrew Wilson
Razor is the Hurls Scouts’ coach. The girls don’t really listen the him, but when Bliss enters he thinks of some new strategies. Razor takes the roller derby very seriously, as of his role as coach. More than his players.

Brooke Cavender
Played by: Marcia Gay Harden
Brooke is Bliss’ mother and has it all planned out for her. She wants Bliss to enter pageants, because she would learn a lot from that and it will eventually get her a husband. Entering the roller derby is not what she had in mind for her daughter, but eventually Brooke also realizes that pageants were never Bliss’ dream, just hers.

Johnny "Hot Tub" Rocket
Played by: Jimmy Fallon
Johnny is the announcer and a bit sleazy. Basically the only thing he does is commentate on the game and then go home and throw a party for the contestants. He has a hot tub, therefore the nickname, but when the girls are in, he can’t.

Earl Cavender
Played by: Daniel Stern
Earl is Bliss’ father and understands his wife. But he chooses Bliss’side. He thinks that his daughter should be able to make her own decisions in live, whatever makes her happy. Earl actually comes to love the roller derby and becomes Bliss’ number on fan.

Favorite Character: Maggie Mayhem

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filmgeek zei

I fell in love with this film that first time I saw it too - women kicking ass and an awesome soundtrack? What's not to love? This is the first Kristen Wiig film I saw and I immediately started tracking down more of her stuff. Maggie is my fave too :)

Joyce zei

Kristen Wiig is probably one of the funniest women. I still haven't seen "Bridesmaids" yet. The trailer looks really good.