donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Zoo Time

My brother Frank and I love going to the zoo, so yesterday we visited Gaiapark in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. The zoo was awarder three times in a row for being the best zoo of the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands en Luxembourg). I can understand why, because it's a beautiful zoo. The animals have plenty of space and the habitats are perfectly recreated. I'd like to share some of my pictures with you.

A gorilla. I would want to see them in the wild someday.

A hippo and her young.

A squirrel monkey, so cute. There were like 50 of them running around.

Me and on the left a very, very big rabbit. Not quite like my Oscar.


Frank with a lion in the background.

A cheetah, gorgeous.

A coypus. It looked like a beaver and had the tail of a rat. Cute animal.

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