maandag 1 augustus 2011

Best of... Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and I realized I never made a best of list for his movies. I'm about to go see "Larry Crowne", I just have to find someone to go with. But here are my favorite Tom Hanks movies.

"Bachelor Party"
Tom Hanks's career started in comedy and sometimes I miss that Tom. This movie is just very witty and silly, but I always liked it.

"The Money Pit"
Hanks stars with Shelly Long, in a movie about a married couple who buy a big house for a low prize. Soon the house starts falling apart and there's where the fun begins for us. Especially Tom Hanks' comedic performance is great. The bathtub falling through the floor, the stairwell collapsing, Hanks's characters legs coming throught the ceiling and his reaction to all these events. Very enjoyable.

This movie got him his first Academy Award nomination. It's so much fun watching Hanks acting like a kid, and it takes a real talent to do it like he did. He captures the essence of youthful innocence both in the company of his younger peers and older work colleagues. And off course, who doesn't love that piano scene?

"The Burbs"
This isn't just Tom Hanks' funniest movie ever, this is one of the best comedies ever made! And I know only a few people who've actually seen this. You're really missing out if you never saw it, because it's just hysterical. There are so many memorable scenes in this film: the bees, the sardines, the explosion, falling of a roof, the nightmares, and I can go on like this for a while. Please, check it out if you have the time and want to see a really good comedy.

"Turner and Hooch"
How many movies are there about dogs? Too many. And there are also a lot of films about cops and their dogs. This is my favorite. And Hooch is just adorable, he reminds me of my dog.

"A League of Their Own"
Everytime this movie is on, I watch it. A movie about a woman's baseball team with a male coach, played by Tom Hanks. His role is hilarious. "There's no crying in baseball"! And I like the fact that this movie show us what women are capable of.

"Sleepless in Seattle"
Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are a magic duo. They have perfect chemistry even without being in the same scene together. Beautiful lovestory.

This movie is good because of the great acting by both Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. They portrayed their characters so well. I read a review once and someone stated it perfectly. "Philadelphia" is about life and making it matter. That's absolutely true.

"Forrest Gump"
My favorite, my second favorite of all time and his best role ever. I don't think he can ever top this performance, because it's brilliant and simply perfect. And Hanks made Forrest so endeering, heartfelt and loveable. One of the greatest stories ever to be made into film.

"Apollo 13"
I haven't seen that many, but I think this is the best movie about astronauts. Not only is this film wonderfully acted, it also presents a nearly flawless portrayal of the time period. And the special effects were just perfect. I don't like it when they overuse them, "Apollo 13" had a perfect amount of it.

"Toy Story series"
I'll just put them all together, because this list is already way to long. The "Toy Story" franchise is timeless, with so many memorable characters. Off course Woody and Buzz, but also Rex, Slinky, Mr.Potato Head and Hamm. I love 'em.

"That Thing You Do"
Although the title song is sung like a hundred times in this movie, the movie never gets boring. And I just fell in love with Tom Everett Scott in this film (don't you think he looks like a younger version of Hanks?). This is also one fo those movies I will always watch if it's on TV.

"Saving Private Ryan"
I don't think I have to explain why this is so fantastic. The opening scene is also one of the best openings a movie ever had.

"You've Got Mail"
I know.... It's very cheesy, but I just love this movie so much. Tom and Meg are a match made in heaven. F-O-X.

"The Green Mile"
This is one movie that always makes me cry. A story told by master Stephen King, perfectly directed by Frank Darabont and very well acted by Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. Brilliant piece of work.

"Cast Away"
Tom Hanks is the main reason why this film is so good. A perfect one-man show. Who knew that one guy and his volleyball could make a movie so interesting?

"Road to Perdition"
We see a different side of Hanks, as a hitman. But also a man who fights for his son. I think this film didn't quite get the attention it deserved and was undeservedly overlooked by the Academy.

"Catch Me If You Can"
Nice, very nice. This story blows your mind, just because you can't believe it really happened. I love Hanks here, the guy that wants to get Abagnale, but just can't. DiCaprio's performance is also very solid.

"The Terminal"
I think it's a bit like "Cast Away". The movie wouldn't be all that great if Hanks wasn't the lead actor. And I don't think I would even watch this movie if he wasn't involved in it somehow.

"The Da Vinci Code"
Many people wouldn't put it on their list, but I fell in love with this beautiful film right away. Especially that last scene, where Langdon follows the roseline and the fabulous music by Hans Zimmer starts playing. It gives me the chills, even by just thinking of it.

"The Great Buck Howard"
He has a minor role in it, because Tom's son Colin Hanks, John Malkovich and Emily Blunt are the real stars. Especially Malkovich, what a man. I didn't expect to like it this much and this is also a overlooked movie.

Few... what a long list. I'm looking forward to seeing "Larry Crowne", although It doesn't get the best ratings. He will also star in "Extremely Loud and Incredibluy Close" and "Cloud Atlas". I read both books and I'm really curious about the films.

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